The CEOs of Sprint and T-Mobile had a fight on Twitter


t-mobile ceo john legere


T-Mobile CEO, John Legere.

The CEOs of T-Mobile and Sprint have had a Twitter battle over which wireless carrier is more popular.

The New York Post noted late Tuesday that T-Mobile CEO John Legere and Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure appeared to be in a disagreement over where their respective companies stand in the rankings.

T-Mobile earlier this month climbed past Sprint, counting 58.9 million people as subscribers, compared with Sprint's 57 million.

The numbers, based on the companies' most recent earnings reports, mean T-Mobile is now the 3rd-largest wireless carrier in the US.

Sprint's Claure tweeted this to T-Mobile's Legere late Monday:


It's not clear what that tweet - a spin on the ever-popular "Straight Outta Compton" meme - was referencing, but Claure has been tweeting a lot lately about Sprint's outlook with the hashtag #gettingbettereveryday.

Legere responded early Tuesday with this:

The rival CEOs have a history of jabbing each other in an effort to tout the offerings of their own companies, while slamming each other's.


The wireless industry has been in flux of late, with Verizon killing off service contracts. Sprint this week announced a new "iPhone Forever" plan, which would allow customers to upgrade to the latest iPhone when it's released.

As recently as June this year, T-Mobile had been in talks to merge with Dish Network. Bloomberg reported last month that those discussions have since cooled off.

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