The chance to have lunch with Apple CEO Tim Cook cost $515,000 this year


Every year, Apple CEO Tim Cook auctions off about an hour of his very valuable time, with the proceeds going to charity.


This year, the auction got hot towards the end, with multiple bids during the last 10 minutes, and a late extension of the bidding deadline, according to 9to5Mac. The auction ended on Thursday.

Ultimately, the price for lunch with Cook came out to $515,000 this year. That's a lot of money, but at least the cost of lunch is covered.

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The winner will also get two "VIP passes" to an Apple keynote product launch.

The total is up from last year, although investors can't say the same about Apple's stock. Here are the historic prices for an hour of Cook's time:


2013: $610,000

2014: $330,001

2015: $200,000

The proceeds will go to the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights group. Cook joined its board earlier this year.

As in previous years, the auctioneer, Charitybuzz, is keeping the winner's identity secret.