The director of classics 'The Warriors' and '48 Hrs.' looks back on his legendary career


Walter Hill photo credit by Nicolas Aproux

Nicolas Aproux

Walter Hill.

Walter Hill is responsible for some of the most thrilling and funny movies Hollywood has ever produced, and he's still going.


He started directing in the late 1970s and right out of the gate delivered two movies that went on to become cult classics: "The Driver" and "The Warriors." Then in the '80s he seamlessly moved to comedies with "Brewster's Millions" (starring Richard Pryor and John Candy) and "48 Hrs.," which launched the movie career of Eddie Murphy and jumpstarted the buddy-cop genre.

Hill's latest, "The Assignment" (available on VOD, in theaters on Friday), stars Michelle Rodriguez (of "Fast and Furious" and "Resident Evil" fame) as a male assassin who wakes to find he's had gender-reassignment surgery and goes on the hunt for the doctor (Sigourney Weaver) who is responsible.

Clearly, Hill is still bringing provocative work to the screen that pushes the boundaries of the medium.

Hill sat down with Business Insider and looked back on his latest movie, which was first developed in 1978, and some of his other classics: