The fans of the Cleveland Indians and Detroit Lions now have the longest championship droughts


The Chicago Cubs won the World Series, and by doing so, they ended the longest championship drought in North American Sports - 108 years.


So, now that the Cubs drought is over, which team has now gone the longest without a championship? The answer can be tricky.

If we look just at franchises, the honor goes to the NFL's Cardinals, who have not won a championship since 1947. However, that title was won in Chicago and the team has only been in Arizona since 1988 (with a stop in St. Louis in between). It doesn't seem fair to say Arizona Cardinals fans have suffered the longest.

Instead, let's look at which fanbases have suffered without a title the longest. In that case, the title goes to the fans of the Cleveland Indians, who just lost to the Chicago Cubs and who have now gone 68 years without a championship. They are followed by the Detroit Lions (58 years). The longest streaks for teams in their current cities in the NHL belong to the St. Louis Blues and Toronto Maple Leafs (49; the Blues have never won a title) and in the NBA it is the Atlanta Hawks (48).

Championship Droughts

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