The funny way that Google celebrated the launch of one of its Android operating systems


Android boss Hiroshi Lockheimer revealed last year that he doesn't think "you can trust anyone who doesn't like KitKat" chocolate bars.


Of course, that's not a surprising stance for the guy behind the name of Google's Android 4.4 operating system, which is named after the chocolate.

Google always names its phone software updates after confectionary treats - we've seen Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Jellybean, and Ice Cream Sandwich, to name a few - and KitKat got its name because Lockheimer loves it.

Turns out, his team celebrated the launch of that operating system in 2014 by filling Lockheimer's office "with a few thousand of them," according to a new profile by CNET's Richard Nieva.

Even though KitKat came out two years ago, more Android phone owners are still stuck with that than more recent releases like Lollipop and Marshmallow (35% vs 17% and 1.2% respectively).


The sweet theme of the next update starts with "N," but that's all we know so far.

To learn more about the joke-cracking Android exec, read the CNet profile here.