The Fury Over Mark Zuckerberg's Political Committee Is Getting Louder By The Second


Mark Zuckerberg Facebook

Reuters/Beck Diefenbach

Mark Zuckerberg wants to change our country's current immigration laws to ease entrance for qualified individuals to work.


Zuckerberg's first step was forming a non-profit advocacy group called called Fwd.Us to spearhead the overhaul.

But many are criticizing the group because Fwd.Us has run conservative TV ads in several states that are upsetting liberals.

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Zuckerberg has enlisted several technology executives to help with with the effort and the New York Times reports:

[Fwd.Us] has bankrolled television ads endorsing the conservative stands taken by three lawmakers, prompting an outcry from liberal groups and a call to withhold advertisements from Facebook.


What this means is that, Fwd.Us is telling conservatives to vote with the group on immigration and it will throw up ads back in the home states of the representatives saying how great they are for supporting conservative initiatives.

This isn't really a negative because it is the nature of politics. Fwd.Us is willing to play hard ball and bolster the GOP if it means immigration sailing through the Senate.

The Sierra Club, the League of Conservation Voters, and are some of the outraged libearl groups, the Times says. The three organizations announced earlier this week that they would suspend buying ads on Facebook, although the removal will have little economic impact on Facebook.

Despite the negativity Fwd.Us says that it was ready for the backlash. Jim Breyer, a venture capitalist with Accel Partners and a contributor to the cause sent an email statement to the Times:

Our advertising decisions are being made by a very smart team of political operatives who know that passing major reform will require some different and innovative tactics.


I’m proud to support Fwd.Us as they work to pass comprehensive immigration reform.