The Instagram star who went viral for selling her bath water has had her account shut down after people reported her

Belle Delphine

Belle Delphine/YouTube

Belle Delphine plays with a dead squid in a YouTube video.

  • Instagram star Bell Delphine, who shot to internet fame for selling her bath water, has had her account shut down.
  • It follows what appears to be a coordinated reporting campaign against her. People complained about her account featuring "nudity or pornography."
  • Delphine tweeted on Friday morning: "Wait... @bunnydelphine Instagram is GONE?!!!!!"
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The Instagram star who went viral for selling her bath water has had her account shut down after a seemingly coordinated reporting campaign against her.

Belle Delphine had 4.5 million Instagram followers and shot to internet fame with two stunts this year: selling her bath water for $30 a bottle and tricking her fans into thinking she was going to make porn for PornHub.
The 19-year-old's posts are frequently NSFW, she enjoys scantily-clad cosplay, and commonly makes ahegao faces, an expression used in Japanese anime and manga pornography.

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But on Friday morning, her Instagram account was down. In its place is a message that simply reads: "Sorry, this page isn't available."

Belle Delphine Instagram


The closure of the account follows what looks to be a campaign to get Delphine taken off Instagram. Searching for the hashtag #belledelphine on Instagram shows that multiple people may have reported her for "nudity or pornography."One screenshot appears more than others, from an Instagram user called athlete_thedog. A reply from Instagram to athlete_thedog's complaint says Delphine's account was removed for violating the site's community guidelines.

Instagram did not immediately reply to Business Insider's request for comment.

The removal of Delphine's profile comes just hours after Instagram announced that it is updating its policies to provide warnings to users that their account is close to being deleted. It is not known if Delphine received such a warning.

Delphine tweeted about her account being shut down on Friday morning. "Wait... @bunnydelphine Instagram is GONE?!!!!!" she said. Delphine also retweeted a fan who said they "dont understand why people hate on her so much" and she should be allowed to "do her thing."