The iPhone gadget that lets you kiss anyone online

With all the technology trying to replicate human touch, the kissenger (Kiss messenger) kisses people for you online. Don’t be surprised, we already knew people will soon start making out with their iPhones.

The gadget looks like a large phone dock with a silicone pad in front. You kiss the pad, which registers the force of your kiss to the app and imitate it to the paired device.
The kiss pad looks like lips, and underneath the rubbery silicon shell are high precision force sensors that detect the force of the kiss and then duplicate it elsewhere. The lip pad also houses small actuators, which the company claims create --a realistic kissing sensation.


Targetting people in long relationships who’d do anything to feel their partner’s presence is a pretty cool move. It might also work for parents staying away from their kids (sounds a little creepy though).
Don’t be shocked to find bolly celebs selling kisses online for a dollar.

Video Courtesy: EntrepreneurHub