The 'Missed Connections' involving Pokemon Go are just as ridiculous as you'd expect



The Pokemon Company

As Pokémon Go sweeps the nation, there's been plenty of mishaps, new discoveries and obsessive gaming. And even, apparently, people falling in love.


In the past few days, Craigslist's Missed Connections sections nationwide have become a goldmine of Pokémon-related posts. While some are just searching for a friend who's also interested in "catching them all," others are looking for a deeper connection - and one person owes someone a big apology for giving bad directions to the sandslash.

The posts range from sweet to goofy to impressively punny. Either way, they're worth a look.

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Note: If you've never read a "Missed Connections" post before, Craigslist users often use tags like "m4w" (man looking for woman') to alert people to their own gender and the gender of the person they're looking for. Please also note some of the listings contain obscenities.