The Most Expensive Business Schools In America


Business school costs a lot of money. Period.


But when you're factoring in the cost of business school, it's not the tuition alonewhich costs more than $60,000 an averagethat you have to consider.

You also have to think about everything from the cost of health insurance to books, a computer, and other supplies. Then there are the hidden fees that you probably don't factor in, like loan fees, transportation, business attire, and networking costs (taking people out to lunch, attending conferences, and more).

Add in the cost of living (which can be quite high in a city like New York), and you've got yourself a lot of debt.

We looked at each school's total cost estimate for the first year of business schoolmost of which assume that students are living a very modest lifestyle. We didn't even include extras like study abroad costswhich are popular add-ons in business schoolor miscellaneous fees like club dues. Schools that provided tuition costs for the entire duration of the program were excluded.


We found that the cost of tuition pales in comparison to the total cost of these MBA programsin fact, the true cost of a MBA is often double the cost of tuition.