The most horrifying Yelp reviews of McDonald's locations across the US


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McDonald's is fighting negative stereotypes with new menu items like kale salad and Greek yogurt. However, to fully turn around business, the chain has to look at its worst locations.

When customers go to a McDonald's, they are expecting speedy service and reliable food, not a five-star meals. When they can't get that, they turn to Yelp.

While there are some McDonald's around the US with sleek seating and engaged employees, there are many locations that enforce the less than positive associations people have with the chain.


Here are some of the wildest one-star Yelp customer reviews of the lowest rated McDonald's across the US.


2402 N Lincoln Ave


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"The worst McDonald's there is, ever was, and ever will be. It looks like a waiting room in purgatory, it smells like a taxi with a faint hint of bleach, and it tastes like they went rogue and started microwaving breakfast sandwiches from the freezer at Speedway.

I feel substantially worse about myself simply for having been here, and cannot shake the feeling that every good thing I've ever done in my life has just been canceled out."

Michael S.


San Francisco

730 Stanyan St

"This is sort of the Dorian Gray's portrait of all McDonalds; all that processed, chemically, quasi-food that makes up their offerings is physically manifest in one single location. In other words: for once, a McDonalds truly looks how it tastes. Avoid."


David D.

New York City

18 E 42nd Street


"Please avoid this McDonald's.  For the last two years I lived in NYC, every time I ate there - ANYTHING there - I would get queasy and ill later.  Even two fries.

Something is Just Plain Wrong with that McD's.  If you must, there are plenty of others to choose from.  Better still, go to one of the hundreds or thousands of non-chain restaurants - for goodness' sakes, you're IN NYC."

Scott. S.

Los Angeles

1800 S Western Ave


 "A man used the urinal and just walked out with out washing his hands!!!! Restroom doors gross me out to start and I was stuck with clean hands and no towels!

Anyway! I got out with the help of toilet paper!


But the food! The nuggets were gross!!! Disgusting!!"

Nathan A.


2017 Main St.


"This McDonald's makes me feel like a rubber-necker at a terrible car accident. I don't wanna look, but its just so horrific that I can't help it. 'Officer, could you bring the body over here? We can't get a good look.'

You already know any McDonald's in the middle of a rough downtown area and next to a 24 hr bus station is gonna be bad. But this one is beyond the pale. I was in the Army for years, much of it stationed in the Third World, so I've been in some hair-raising places, believe me (I was in Beirut in the 80s). However, this McDonald's makes my list of '100 places no sane person should ever go.'"


David S.

Brooklyn, New York 

139 Flatbush Ave


"Once upon a time I was on a downward spiral INTO HELL.

I decided to succumb to McDonald's of all places instead of cooking a sensible meal or even heating an Amy's Organic frozen food meal.

I would give this establishment a -5 if possible."


Anna S.


1611 N Meridian St.


"If you are looking for a cozy place to grow old, then your car in the drive-thru at this McDonald's may be for you.  There are glacially slow and have been on every occasion.  Food is as you'd expect, it isn't any better with the wait."

Jeff C.

"This is the slowest, rudest Mickey D's in town. Its also the only one close enough to walk to, so... I will be back."


Matt U.


3935 Walnut St.


"Since this is a McDonald's, I went in with low expectations, but this place still managed to fall short of this low bar...

This place is almost always filled with either hoodrats or drunk Penn kids. Stay away."

Craig C.


San Diego

1624 Rosecrans St. 

"The kids who work here need a gentle massage from my foot on their slow working a----. 


Ditch this dump."

Jeff L. 


31 Forsyth St.


"In this location, along the strip used as a primary site for the zombie TV series 'Walking Dead', the food is cold, hard, and stale. The service associates trudge through glassy-eyed government workers and the nearly homeless. Ketchup is not offered as a self-service condiment for fear that it will be taken and hoarded."

 Ben E.


1530 3rd Ave


"When being told to meet at 'the sketchy a-- McDonald's' is all that's needed to establish location it might speak poorly of your business reputation.

Maybe not.


Who am I to judge?"

Sal P.


407 15th Ave SE


"Back in my very very broke days, I would eat here occasionally and spend literally a couple of dollars on something to get me by.

Everything was filthy.  No one was nice.  The food was awful.  I think everyone should have this experience at least once in their lives to show you how bad food can be.


Once you have experienced the lows, you will appreciate every other meal that much more for the rest of your life.

..or perhaps you'll die from this one.  That would be pretty unlucky, so try not to do that."

 Ninja S.



7487 N Ida Ave

"If your thinking of eating at this McDonalds, quickly punch yourself right in the face! This is exactly what i think of when I think of gross fat food. Recently they remodeled the building but it did nothing for the quality of service or food."


 Simon R.

Washington, DC

Union Station, 50 Massachusetts Ave NE


"Watching COPS on a Saturday night while I bang out my Yelp reviews, I like to deliver a little beat down of my own. 

This McDonald's in DC anchors the stop that boards the Regional Amtrak Metroliner to NYC.

I had a bad experience here a couple years ago, and I see they still don't have their s--- together.


No Shamrock shakes?  But the sign is there. 'We don't have them anymore.' It's not even St. Patty's day yet...

Don't stop by here.  Hit the large food court in the basement of Union Station, just steps away."

Jim P.



15 W North Ave

"I had a long hair in my quarter pounder sandwich. Right smack in the middle. That's just basic hygiene folks."


Osama S.

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