The New Saudi King Just Made A Bunch Of Changes To His Government


King Salman


Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro is welcomed by Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Salman in Riyadh January 11, 2015.

The new ruler of Saudi Arabia, King Salman, is reorganizing the country's government.


Salman is setting up an economic development council, according to Bloomberg. The current interior minister and newly appointed deputy crown prince, Prince Mohammed Bin Nayef, will be in charge of the new council. Oil minister Ali al-Naimi will also be involved.

Here is the rest of the government shuffling, according to Bloomberg:

* Prince Khalid Bin Bandar replaced as head of intelligence by Khalid al-Humaidan; Bandar Bin Sultan removed as head of national security council
* New committees for political affairs, headed by Crown Prince Muqrin, and security to be set up
* Governors of Riyadh, Mecca and Qassim provinces are changed
* Ministries of education, higher education merged; Azzam al-Dakheel appointed minister of education