The next version of Google Glass will be more comfortable to use for hours at work


Google Glass.

REUTERS/Elijah Nouvelage

Although Google shut down consumer sales of its beleaguered wearable Google Glass earlier this year, sources told us at the time that it continued to support its enterprise business, Glass for Work.


Google had about a dozen enterprise partners, including several medical companies and APX Labs, which conducted a test program with Boeing last year where employees used to it make manual assembly work more efficient.

Well, it looks like Google's going hard in that direction for its next iteration of the device.

Internally, the company is calling the second version of Glass "EE" or "Enterprise Edition," sources familiar with advanced prototypes tell 9to5Google, and it's testing a larger prism display to allow users to look up more comfortably - a function particularly important for prolonged use during the workday.

The second version will also have an Intel Atom processor for better performance and battery life, although 9t05 reports that the battery is actually only a "modest improvement" over the previous Explorer Edition. Even with the new Intel chip, a pair of the computerized spectacles won't last all day.


However, sources tell 9to5 that they've also caught wind of an external battery pack that can provide enough juice to last through more intensive all-day use cases.

Just last week, The Federal Communications Commission approved a new Google device with WiFi and Bluetooth. That approval, coupled with these new details, make it seem more likely that Glass 2.0 could actually launch by the end of the year, like the company has previously indicated.

Google had no comment on the report.

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