'The NHS is being destroyed': Dad of sick child confronts Boris Johnson during hospital visit

boris johnson


Boris Johnson

  • Boris Johnson confronted by the angry father of a sick child during a visit to a London hospital.
  • The man tells Johnson that the NHS has been destroyed and accuses Johnson of taking advantage of a "press opportunity."
  • Johnson denied that the event was for the press, only for the man to point at the camera crew following him.
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Boris Johnson was confronted by the father of a sick child in an angry exchange during a hospital visit in London on Wednesday.

The man told the Prime Minister that the health service had been "destroyed" by government cuts and accused Johnson of taking advantage of a "press opportunity."Advertisement

"There are not enough doctors, there are not enough nurses. The NHS is being destroyed, and now you come here for a press opportunity," the man told Johnson.

The prime minister then denied that the visit was a press opportunity, only for the man to point to the television camera crew who were following him.

Watch Boris Johnson confronted by the father of a sick child

The opposition Labour party accused Johnson of being dishonest with the man.

"Boris Johnson simply can't be honest with people," Jonathan Ashworth MP, Labour's Shadow Health Secretary said.

"He can make as many phoney announcements on the NHS as he likes but he can't hide from the truth, or from patients."The incident was the latest in a series of confrontations between the prime minister and members of the public in recent weeks as he campaigns around the UK.Advertisement

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