This new Indian travel startup wants you to ‘work from 3 different countries’ instead of ‘work from home’

This new Indian travel startup wants you to ‘work
from 3 different countries’ instead of ‘work from home’

If you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur or an individual with a job that allows you to work remotely, The Remote Life, a new Indian travel startup may have a little surprise for you.

True to its name, the startup is targeting freelancers and entrepreneurs with wanderlust on their minds and making it possible for them to travel for a few months, experience different countries & cultures and grow their network - all while working.

Consisting of a group of 30 individuals, The Remote Life will consist of a group of 30 individuals from diverse backgrounds who will travel to three countries in South East Asia together. Participants of the programme will spend one month each in Indonesia, Cambodia and Thailand while not having to compromise on work or worrying about logistics of travel.

Participants of this three month programme are required to pay a fee of USD 1,300 (almost Rs 89,000) per month, which will cover independent room, 24*7 access to a nearby co-working space, breakfast and flights between the three countries.

The company will also take care of other formalities such as travel insurance, SIM cards, visas and more. Frequent cultural activities and events will be organized throughout the programme, which will serve as a platform for the cohort to bond with each other.


For the moment, The Remote Life has kept its application free of cost through their website. Preliminary screening for candidates is done based on the application after which Skype interactions are held to determine the right fit.

A brainchild of Nishchal Dua, who already boasts of having a successful exit from his previous venture and is an avid traveller himself, the startup aims to break down the challenges millenials have when it comes to travel.

He realised that even when they have the desire to travel, their jobs almost often restrict their plans. And, even in cases, when they overcome that barrier, figuring out logistics of the travel becomes expensive and then there’s also the difficulty of ensuring one travels with like-minded people.

“The Remote Life is a solution to these challenges and other time consuming tasks that come with planning long-duration travel. Our aim is also to introduce the Indian millennial to the concept of travel in its true sense, which is very different from taking a holiday,” Dua stated.

Although the programme is targeting a globally diverse applicant pool, its primary emphasis is on tapping the surging number of Indian freelancers, which stands at a staggering number of nearly 15 million.