The second Amazon Go store in New York has a mini self-serve Starbucks coffee bar inside

Amazon Go

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Amazon's first Go store in New York at Brookfield Plaza.

  • Amazon is opening its 13th Go store - and second one in New York - on Tuesday.
  • Located in midtown Manhattan, the store is designed to cater to the Monday-to-Friday work crowd.
  • It even has a self-serve coffee and espresso bar - making it just the second Go store to have such a feature.
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Amazon has another Go store in New York, and it's built for caffeine-craving New Yorkers.

The new store, which is Amazon's 13th Go store nationwide and the second one in New York, opened on Tuesday.Advertisement

Located at 300 Park Ave. in midtown Manhattan, the store is designed to cater to the Monday-to-Friday work crowd.

Its 1,700 square feet is stocked with snacks, lunch options like sandwiches and salads, and some of what Amazon calls "local favorites," including Magnolia Cupcake and Ess-A-Bagel.

The new location will also have a self-serve Starbucks coffee bar, offering up three different roasts of Starbucks coffee - blonde, medium, and dark - as well as 12 different Starbucks espresso drinks.

"We partnered up with Starbucks to make sure we're offering really great coffee," Cameron Janes, Amazon's vice president of physical stores, told Business Insider.

He also said the store will be freshly brewing the coffee every 45 minutes."It's all up to Starbucks standards," Janes said. "And we think it's going to be a great offering."Advertisement

Amazon Go patrons can choose between an Americano, cappuccino, latte, double espresso, cafè mocha, cinnamon dolce latte, vanilla latte, caramel latte, hazelnut latte, sugar-free vanilla latte, hot chocolate, and Vanilla Steamer. All the options come with 2% milk.

The 300 Park Ave. location is the first location outside Seattle to offer fresh coffee drinks. The service was recently introduced at Amazon Go's 300 Boren Ave. N. location.

All Go stores feature Amazon's cashierless "just-walk-out" technology that uses sensors and cameras to track what customers take off shelves and out of the store, charging shoppers appropriately.Advertisement

Amazon's first Go store in New York opened on May 7 in the Battery Park City neighborhood of Manhattan in the Brookfield Place shopping center.

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"The reception in Brookfield Place has been super positive," Janes said. "So that's one of the reasons we're really excited to be opening up in midtown."Advertisement

The Brookfield Place location was the first Amazon Go store to also accept cash with its app-based just-walk-out technology.

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