The top 10 shows on Netflix moms 'sneak-binge' throughout the day


fuller house


"Fuller House."

What's mom doing when you're not home? A lot. But she's also doing it all while watching Netflix.


The streaming giant surveyed 1,000 moms in the US to find out how they find time to stream their favorite shows, or "sneak" them, during the day. And their answers revealed some interesting viewing habits.

48% of the moms said they sneak-binge while making dinner, 9% while walking the dog, 40% while taking a bathroom break, and 57% while doing the laundry. 17% watch while in their driveway.

Some of their favorites range from classics like "Friends" to Netflix originals like "Fuller House."

Here are the 10 shows moms sneak-binge the most, according to Netflix: