LinkedIn's 20 most powerful people in India

LinkedIn's 20 most powerful people in IndiaAs the former US President John Quincy Adams once said – “Whose actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more is a great leader”, and it is exactly this leadership spirit LinkedIn celebrates every year when it releases the names of those who exemplify great leadership basis the highest profile views on LinkedIn.

The company uses member data to pull profile views for a particular year to arrive at the ‘LinkedIn Power Profiles’ list, and with India as its second largest market after the US, the names it releases are of exemplary professionals who are inspiring its 37 million members across India.

For this year, the names featured in the list are from different industries ranging from Internet, Technology, Finance, Human Resources, Telecommunications to Marketing & Advertising, and each one of them is driving real change in their area of expertise and thereby transforming the country for a better future.

"As India is getting ready to celebrate its 70th Independence Day, we plan to honour the occasion by celebrating the most viewed profiles on LinkedIn. These Power Profiles have built their personal brand from the ground up, and we want to share their stories,"says Akshay Kothari, head of LinkedIn India.

He further adds - "LinkedIn Power Profiles 2016 is a celebration of members who are not only great at what they do, but have also invested in their professional identity on LinkedIn, to become the most viewed professionals in their fields. Building your professional brand is a process, which only begins with your LinkedIn profile. We hope these stories can inspire India’s professionals to expand their vision of all they can achieve."


Business Insider brings you the stories of the Top 20 Names from the LinkedIn Power Profiles 2016 list, which India has looked up to as their greatest leaders this year:

Some of the illustrious names on the LinkedIn Power Profiles 2016 list (not covered in the slideshow) include Anant Gupta, President and CEO at HCL Technologies Ltd. and Girish Mathrubootham, Founder & CEO, Freshdesk. The names of the other leaders who have made it to the list are here.

(Image courtesy: LinkedIn)