The trailer for Netflix's 'War Machine' starring Brad Pitt is here


War Machine 2 Netflix final


Brad Pitt in Netflix's "War Machine."

Netflix debuted the full-length trailer for its original movie "War Machine" starring Brad Pitt on Thursday.

"War Machine" is written and directed by David Michôd, who wrote and directed 2010's "Animal Kingdom."

From the producers of the Oscar-nominated  "The Big Short," the film is based on the book "The Operators: The Wild and Terrifying Inside Story of America's War in Afghanistan" by the late Michael Hastings. The film is fiction, but Pitt's character is based on General Stanley McChrystal, who was fired after Hastings published an exposé about him in Rolling Stone, and it has a decidedly satirical bent. The film follows Pitt's character, who is brought in to command NATO forces in Afghanistan.

In the trailer, Pitt's character tells the president of Afghanistan, played by Sir Ben Kingsley, "My team and I are about to embark on a new direction."

When asked what that direction is, Pitt says, "We build Afghanistan into a free and prosperous nation."


"Sounds a lot like the old direction," Kingsley says.

The film also stars Tilda Swinton, Topher Grace, and Anthony Michael Hall. It makes its debut on Netflix on May 26. 

You can watch the trailer below: