The World's Largest Truffle Discovered In Italy Will Likely Sell For More Than $1 Million

Sabatino Truffles unearthed the world's largest truffle on record this past week.

Found in central Italy, the massive truffle weighs 4.16 pounds, which is almost twice the size of the current record holder, according to a press release.

White truffles are an incredibly sought after ingredient, and one of the rarest and most expensive foods in the world.
Just a few shavings of the coveted ingredient can cost hundreds of dollars in restaurants, according to CBS news.

Buyers from Macau, China have already offered $1 million for the massive fungi. But the company will auction off the truffle in New York City this week, "in order to get the highest bid so that they can donate all proceeds to charity," Jane Walsh of Sabatino Truffles told Business Insider.

This white truffle is an especially rare find, as white truffles are only available for a few months of the year and can cost up to three times more than their black truffle counterpart. They are found in forests around Italy by specially trained truffle-sniffing dogs or pigs during the months of October, November, and December.

One million dollars may seem like a staggering price tag, but these rare fungi usually sell for similar prices. A pair of white truffles from Alba sold for over $125,000 this past November and Russian oligarch Vladimir Potanin spent $95,000 for four pounds of white truffle in October.

Here is an image of the massive truffle upon its arrival at JFK airport:
Sabatino truffle

Courtesy of Sabatino