How being a dad makes you more successful

Being a parent can be a very exhausting yet fulfilling experience for both sexes. Here, we are not taking sides with dads (with all due respect to mothers who are more sacrificing and protecting), but, according to science, men who have kids are inherently more aggressive, productive, ambitious and dedicated to their work and responsibilities. Let science explain HOW!

Survival of the fittest:

Let us take you to a billion years ago when life was taking form on planet Earth. Our ancestors were also fighting to protect and feed themselves and their offspring alongside many other living organisms. Back in those days, male member was considered to be a fighter and a protector while female member was dedicated to feeding and providing security to their offspring.

Evolution & Adaptation:

As the civilizations grew into complicated societies, men and women had quite demarcated roles and responsibilities. To fulfill those roles and responsibilities, men and women started living together as a family, which essentially consisted of a father, a mother and their offspring. In addition to being a fighter and protector, men also became providers for their family. Providers of food, home and financial security.


Old Habits Die Hard:

Coming back to today, while men and women have equal roles and responsibilities to provide for the security and happiness of their household, brains of men are still hard-wired and trained as providers. A study has proved that the success rate of a man is directly proportional to the number of members in his family.


Here are some interesting facts you may want to know:

  1. “Being a dad makes you more responsible and as a result more hirable” - Sleepless nights and dirty diapers do teach you to be more reliable and tolerant too!

  1. “Being a dad makes you more ambitious and aggressive for growth” - Remember you are a provider. The more you grow, the more secure your family is!

  1. “Dads with two kids are more productive and efficient than those with one kid or none” - Kids can teach you lessons you don’t get to learn in schools. They teach you the importance of getting work done more efficiently and productively in the shortest span of time. Don’t forget - kids are merciless teachers!


“Dads have higher levels of satisfaction, happiness and sense of accomplishment. They have more meaning to their life, a goal, an ambition to fulfill, a family to look forward to, little feet waiting back home”