What to talk and what not to talk on first date

Hitting off the right note is the most important part of first dates. To understand if you really strike a cord with your partner and for making further decisions, the first date should be smooth. Since most dates do not involve much activity and are more about getting to know each other, you need the right conversation topics.

Here are a few of them.


  1. Share secrets
Things you haven’t told anyone else, or maybe a very few people. Sharing secrets is closely associated with emotions and is up close personal. Your partner would definitely want to know that. It also helps in understanding you better.

2) Travel destinations


Travel experiences are by far the best that you could talk about. Share your dream destinations. Talk about those little stories where you got lost in the forest or how you spent a night at the mountain or went camping.

As per a research by Psychologist Richard Weissman, 18% of couples who shared travel experiences went on a second date as compared to 9% of those who discussed movies. It’s likely that both of you might not have the same opinion of movies. Travel stories make the safest option!


3) Controversial topics

Talking about your opinions on a particular topic is an engaging act and lights up the passion you seek. Needless to say, avoid dull and boring topics. Express your views on an indulging topics, say abortion, or you might as well confide about your first sexual experience.

Mind the tone

It does come down to your tone. It matters how you talk much more than what you are talking about. A promising date shouldn’t be wasted by the attitude and tone, especially if you like the person!

First dates and can be really interesting incidents. Make them better by using these conversation topics and enjoy your company!