Martha Stewart shared a kid-friendly fish stew recipe on Instagram — and parents are saying their children wouldn't go near it

Martha Stewart shared a kid-friendly fish stew recipe on Instagram — and parents are saying their children wouldn't go near it
Martha Stewart's kid-friendly soup recipe featured corn on the cob and salmon.Roy Rochlin/WireImage
  • Martha Stewart shared a kid-friendly fish soup recipe on Instagram Monday.
  • The stew features chunks of salmon, corn on the cob, and a broth made with clam juice.

After Martha Stewart shared a soup recipe for kids on Instagram Monday, parents voiced that their children wouldn't try the dish in the comments of her post.

Stewart, 80, shared a photo of the soup, which she said features potatoes, salmon, an ear of corn, and a broth made of clam juice and heavy cream.

"Kids are sure to spoon this stew up," she wrote in the caption.

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Although the photo showed corn on the cob, Stewart recommended slicing off the kernels and adding them back to the soup "for your little ones."

Instagram users flocked to the comments, where some disputed Stewart's kid-friendly claim.


"Have you met children?" one person joked. Others agreed, commenting, "I'm quite doubtful kids will be stoked to eat this."

Parents also shared how their kids would react if they were served a bowl of salmon and corn soup.

"Looks delightful, but my kids wouldn't touch it I'm sure," one parent shared. Another parent said that their child "wouldn't go within 40 feet of that and he eats dirt."

Some expressed confusion about whether the soup would work for adults, asking Stewart how a finger food like corn on the cob could be eaten in a soup.

"The only issue I have here are rounds of corn, not really soup eating friendly," one person wrote.


Still, others approved of the dish, saying it looked "fabulous" and that their kids would "devour this." One parent said they would make the delicious recipe for herself and her husband, adding that she would "just stick to chicken nuggets and French fries" for her kids.

Representatives for Stewart did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment.

Stewart isn't afraid to critique the parenting skills of others, publicly sharing her opinions on the subject in the past. Insider previously reported that in a 2013 interview with, Stewart criticized busy millennials who don't take the time to do arts and crafts with their kids.

"There's a whole generation of people who don't know how to do anything. And, I mean, I feel bad about that generation and this book is for the children of that generation," she said. "I have friends — young people, millennials — who are having babies now, who should really try to do some of these things."