A clip of Kris Jenner dancing to 'Lady Marmalade' has gone viral on TikTok as part of a trend pranking people into watching it

A clip of Kris Jenner dancing to 'Lady Marmalade' has gone viral on TikTok as part of a trend pranking people into watching it
The original video was posted on YouTube in 2012.MsKendallandKylie via YouTube
  • A new TikTok trend features a 2011 clip of Kris Jenner dancing and lip-syncing to 'Lady Marmalade.'
  • The clip has become a meme as users are baited into watching it with fake celebrity announcements.

Over the past few days, a years-old clip of Kris Jenner dancing and lip-syncing to "Lady Marmalade," a song from the musical "Moulin Rouge," has gone viral and spawned a new trend on TikTok.

Jenner, who rose to fame on the TV show "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," has become a TikTok meme, with people using the old clip as part of a prank-style trend that involves making outlandish and unverified claims about celebrities to bait people to watch a video, before abruptly switching to the footage of Jenner.

@shesjustsadig You’d think it’d be good for the publicity. Not that the queen needs it #krisjennervibes #nothappy #JDSummerDrip #krissed ♬ original sound - wandakardashian

The meme format has become known as the "Krissed" TikTok trend, and has spread all over the app, with the hashtag #krissed amassing more than 83 million TikTok views.

The 'Krissed' trend pranks viewers into watching the video

TikTok videos that use the hashtag #krissed follow a similar format, typically beginning by baiting viewers into clicking or staying on the video with an outlandish and false claim about a celebrity. Many of these videos use the same background audio, a version of "Space Song" by Beach House, as part of the trend.

One viral video under the hashtag, which has 6 million views, begins by showing screenshots from Kendall Jenner's Instagram account with an on-screen caption saying, "OH MY GOD GUYS Kendall Jenner has announced she is pregnant!," as "Space Song" played in the background.


The video quickly cut to show a sped-up clip of Kris Jenner dancing to "Lady Marmalade," with a caption saying, "You just got #krissed."

@shitfr0mhell #fy #fyp #viral #kardashians #kendalljenner #kendall #kuwtk #thekardashians #drama #xyzbca #follow #krisjenner #pregnant #pregnancy #krissed #wap #kyliejenner ♬ original sound - wandakardashian

The word "krissed" was used as a synonym for "pranked" in the video caption, which went on to say, "Send this to your friends to absolutely #kris them."

Hundreds of videos on the app have been made in the same format, and the hashtag #krissed has been used in more than 11,000 videos on the app.



♬ original sound - wandakardashian

TikTokers say they "have been krissed so many times," and on Twitter the trend has been called "annoying" as it's so easy to fall for. One popular tweet with 1,800 likes said, "gunna throw hands if i get krissed one more time."

It's part of a broader bait-and-switch meme format popular on TikTok

@beckyrmackay #krissed ♬ running up that hill - <3

The meme format is reminiscent of the "rickrolling" internet prank, which emerged in the mid-2000s.


The original "rickrolling" meme consisted of social media users posting links to Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" music video in response to questions on online forums. People looking for an answer to the questions would then unexpectedly stumble upon the music video instead, often causing them frustration.

"Rickrolling" has become a popular meme on TikTok in recent years as well, with people using clips from the music video at the end of their prank-style videos.

The original video dates back to 2011

The clip of Jenner wearing a sequined green top and dancing to "Lady Marmalade" originated from a YouTube video posted on "MsKendallandKylie," a now inactive YouTube channel owned by two of Jenner's daughters, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, which the sisters posted homemade music videos on in the early 2010s, according to Teen Vogue.

The video was titled, "Kardashian Jenner Family Music Video - Lady Marmalade from Moulin Rouge," and showed clips of the five Kardashian-Jenner sisters, as well as Kris and Caitlyn Jenner, dancing and lip-syncing to the song.

The video was posted on the YouTube channel in April 2012, but the video description indicated that the footage was filmed in 2011 during a "Christmas Card" photoshoot involving the family.


Clips of Jenner from the video previously went viral on TikTok in the summer of 2021, with people sharing longer snippets of the celebrity lip-syncing to the song on the platform. One such video, posted in August 2021, has 180,000 TikTok views.

@elpatoconpeluca Kris Jenner bailando Lady Marmalade #elpatoconpeluca#krisjenner#fyp#dance#ladymarmalade ♬ sonido original - Cualquier cosa

Kris Jenner is most known for being part of the Kardashian-Jenner family, as the mother to her five celebrity daughters, Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall, and Kylie. She married lawyer Robert Kardashian in 1978, and the pair divorced in March 1991.

A month later, Kris married Olympic athlete Caitlyn Jenner. The pair got divorced in 2015.

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