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A bride has divided TikTok after she filmed a workout routine with her bridal party on the morning of her wedding

Charissa Cheong   

A bride has divided TikTok after she filmed a workout routine with her bridal party on the morning of her wedding
  • A bride filmed a workout routine with her bridal party on the morning of her wedding.
  • Some commenters said the idea of exercising at a wedding celebration sounded like a "nightmare."

A bride who filmed herself leading a workout routine on the morning of her wedding sparked a huge debate about the concept on TikTok.

On March 8, Kennedy Olson Hart, who has 1,191 followers on TikTok, posted a video with an on-screen caption that read: "POV: it's your wedding morning."

The clip showed her standing at the front of a group of women and leading them through a workout routine involving jumping jacks, jogging, and dance moves. As the bride, she was dressed in white, while most of the other people wore black.

"I highly recommend!!" Hart wrote under her post.

@kennedyolson I highly recommend!! #fyp #wedding #weddingworkout #workout #highfitness ♬ Super Freaky Girl - Nicki Minaj

The TikToker told Insider she teaches a fitness class at a local gym once a week and decided to teach her regular Saturday slot the morning before her afternoon wedding ceremony. She added that she felt wearing all white was "fitting for the day," and that the group taking part in the routine included a mixture of regular attendees of her fitness class and members of her bridal party who wanted to tag along for the day.

The six-second video became Hart's most viral post to date, receiving 4.5 million views, and sparked a heated discussion in the comments as viewers expressed strong opinions about the idea of working out on your wedding day.

Many viewers said they thought the idea of exercising early in the morning as a bride or bridesmaid would be exhausting, especially considering the fact that it often takes a whole day to do hair and makeup, and get dressed for the ceremony. Some also said they would be worried about doing intense exercise because of the risk of injury on such a significant occasion.

Others said they disliked the idea of doing group exercise as a bridal party activity, preferring to drink or relax instead, adding they would not want to take part, even if it was the bride wanted.

"As a bridesmaid, I'll be cheering you on in the corner with my mimosa," one commenter wrote.

"This is my worst nightmare," another person wrote.

@kennedyolson I couldn’t find the song on here but I think I like the original more I highly recommend having your husband choose the first dance song!! #wedding #junebride #fyp ♬ original sound - Kennedy Olson Hart

But some people said they thought the group workout would be a good way to bond as a bridal party before a wedding, or that exercising could help the bride with her nerves. However, a handful of these people said that something they considered more relaxing, like yoga, might be a better way to achieve this goal.

A 2016 article on Women's Health recommends that brides "stay chill" on the morning of their wedding, citing celebrity yoga and pilates instructor Kristin McGee, who suggested doing "relaxing and restorative" exercises like stretches on the day of the ceremony.

On TikTok, weddings and wedding etiquette are explosively popular topics, with creators sharing their thoughts on some of the most common wedding dos and don'ts, such as how to dress if you're a wedding guest, or whether it is OK to ask for a plus one to the ceremony if you were not given one on the invitation.

In March, a TikTok creator faced backlash for sharing a video of a pale green wedding guest dress that some viewers said looked too similar to white, and would therefore be an insult to the bride. In December 2022, Camille Lescai, a bride who decided to defy tradition by wearing a pink gown to her wedding, was criticized intensely by viewers who did not approve of her choice.

Lescai told Insider at the time that she did not understand why her post about her personal wedding dress choice was so controversial on the platform, and that she felt the online hate she received might prove discouraging to other women who wanted to make bold and unconventional choices on their wedding day.

"What bothered me the most is the potential unintended consequences that the hate might create. It's not just attacking me, but all the people who are watching from the sidelines," she said.

Apart from her wedding workout post, Kennedy Olson Hart has shared several clips detailing her love of fitness and exercise routines. She has also shared other clips from her wedding day on TikTok, including her first dance with her husband, and their exit from the reception.

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