A TikToker transformed a regular cake into an amazing koi pond, and it looks too beautiful to eat

A TikToker transformed a regular cake into an amazing koi pond, and it looks too beautiful to eat
A TikToker turned a normal cake into an edible koi pond.@lovesicksami/TikTok
  • TikToker @lovesicksami posted a video that shows how she decorated a cake like a koi pond.
  • The cake shows koi fish inside a gelatin-like edible"pond" she made with agar-agar powder.
  • She cut a large chunk off of a round cake to make room for the pond and filled it with fish.

A TikToker is racking up millions of views on a video showing how she turned a regular cake into an edible koi pond.

TikTok user @lovesicksami shared the video of her process on March 16. It had nearly 8 million views and more than 2 million likes at the time of writing, and other TikTokers in the comments were so in awe of the cake's beauty, they said they couldn't imagine eating it.

"This is truly a work of art" one user commented, "it looks too beautiful to eat."


"At first I was like WHO CUTS A CAKE LIKE THAT and then it turned into a masterpiece," wrote another.


i don’t wanna talk about the amount of hours i spent on this ##fyp ##foru ##caketok ##caketiktok ib: thescranline/petrichoro on insta <3

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The TikToker begins the video by cutting a chunk off of a regular round cake.

Then she covers the cake in what appears to be green icing before wrapping the cake in a clear, plastic sheet.


She crafts little koi fish and rocks out of what looks like fondant and places them on the wrapped-up cake before filling the sheet with a blue liquid that settles. She layers the fish and rocks between pours of liquid.

The gelatin-like texture comes from agar-agar powder, the cake decorator wrote in the comments. Agar-agar powder is plant-based gelatin that comes from seaweed, and you can find it at local grocery stores for around $10.

The TikToker removes the sheet she wrapped the cake in once the edible pond settles. She finishes the cake with details like lily pads, rocks, and green moss.


@lovesicksami did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment.