Austin's top broker - Richest family dynasties - Private jet-esque

Austin's top broker - Richest family dynasties - Private jet-esque
Courtesy of Kumara Wilcoxon

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Austin's real estate market is booming, and Kumara Wilcoxon has a front-row seat. As the city's top broker, Wilcoxon has sold $1 billion worth of real estate, and swears by a jam-packed 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. schedule.

Take a look at a typical day working with Austin's richest buyers and sellers.


America's richest family dynasties had a lucrative year, with their wealth growing at a rate 10 times greater than that of a typical family. In a new report, the Institute for Policy Studies sheds light on how they amass and keep their fortunes.

Here are the three most notable methods.

New York and Miami-based artist David Drebin, who sells his $100,000 work to the rich and famous - including Elton John and Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon - doesn't have to chase down wealthy clientele. "If you do what you love, people come to you," he said.

Meet him here.

For travelers looking for less crowded - and possibly more cost effective - ways to traverse the country, JSX might just offer a solution. JSX, a private regional airline, offers flights with a passenger cap of 30, and a more posh experience than flying commercial.


Why this writer can't stop recommending it.

In an attempt to woo more wealthy clients, Ferrari is expanding its iconic brand into new markets: luxury fashion and high-end food. Known primarily for its ultra-expensive sports cars, Ferrari is now launching a "middle luxury" clothing collection and opening a restaurant in Italy, headed by a Michelin-starred chef.

More on Ferrari's latest ventures.

The five most popular places to move this year all have a few things in common: good weather, lower taxes, and conservative politics. We asked locals why these towns, from a retiree Disney World in Florida to a booming tech hub in Texas, are getting so much attention.


Here's what life is like in these newly hot cities.

Americans are gearing up for hot-vax summer - and so are hard seltzer brands. Already at an all-time high, seltzer sales are set to peak over the fourth of July, further driving up the multi-billion dollar industry.

Get the rundown on hard seltzer's booming success.

As eBay's first-ever vice president of fashion, Charis Marquez is focused on building diverse teams within the company and catering to underserved groups of shoppers, such as female sneakerheads and Gen Z.


Here's how she's doing it.