Barbie's new collection includes a doll with baby hairs, and fans are loving the inclusive hairstyle

Barbie welcomed four new dolls to its streetwear-inspired line.Barbie, Mattel
  • Barbie launched a new collection of dolls with streetwear-inspired style and beauty looks.
  • One of the dolls has styled baby hairs, which has caught the attention of fans online who are applauding the inclusive style.
  • The new dolls are part of Barbie's BMR1959 line, which stands for Barbara Millicent Roberts, Barbie's full name; and the year the first doll was introduced.
  • In January, Barbie began incorporating a series of new dolls into its lineup, including dolls with vitiligo, prosthetic limbs, and without hair.

Barbie fans can't stop talking about a newly launched doll that appears to be one of the few to sport visibly styled baby hairs.

On Wednesday, the beloved toy brand welcomed four new dolls to its pre-existing BMR1959 line — which stands for Barbara Millicent Roberts, the full name of the Barbie character; and '59, the year the first doll was introduced.

In a statement sent via email to Insider on Monday, a representative of Mattel wrote: "This is a continuation of the BMR1959 line, a streetwear collection by Barbie™ that is rooted in true street-culture fashion trends. With high-low fashion mixes, re-imagined '90s gear, and juxtaposed patterns, textures, and silhouettes, this curated collection is all about personal expression and style."Advertisement

Mattel's statement continued: "The Barbie brand is at its best when it is accurately reflection fashion and culture and this bold line is pushing traditional boundaries by combining nostalgia of the '90s with a modern streetwear aesthetic and cutting-edge trends."

The brand website's description of the BMR1959 line says that it's meant to celebrate "the fashion heritage of Barbie" while showcasing "how current trends influence the brand."

A new Barbie doll comes with an oversized blazer and "BMR1959" earrings.Barbie, Mattel

Many fans expressed excitement about seeing one of the iconic dolls with a hairstyle that honors naturally textured hair. Several commenters online shared pictures and thoughts about the new Barbie doll with styled edges and baby hairs, the finely textured hairs that sit around the hairline.

Some commenters on Instagram also noted that the four new dolls' eyebrows appeared thicker than those on other traditional Barbie dolls."Barbie now has feathered eyebrows, here for it," one commenter wrote.Advertisement

The new lineup of BMR1959 dolls from Barbie.Barbie, Mattel

The dolls in the BMR1959 line are listed for $29.99 each on the Barbie website, and the newest four dolls to be released are available for pre-order at the time of writing. The website says they will be available to ship on July 3.

A separate Barbie doll, which has vitiligo, also has styled baby hairs that are similar to the newly released doll.Advertisement

A Barbie Fashionista doll launched in January.Mattel

The doll with vitiligo was introduced in January, when Mattel announced that it would add more dolls to its Barbie Fashionista line, which, in 2016, started to include dolls with diverse body types and skin colors, Insider's Amanda Krause previously reported.

Barbie Fashionista dolls.Mattel

In early 2020, the brand introduced dolls — including one with vitiligo, a Barbie with a prosthetic limb, and a doll without hair. It also re-introduced a doll with a wheelchair.