Ella Emhoff is creating a knitwear collection with the designer of her Inauguration Day dress

Ella Emhoff is creating a knitwear collection with the designer of her Inauguration Day dress
Ella Emhoff is diving deeper into the fashion industry.Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images
  • Ella Emhoff is launching a knitwear line with designer Batsheva Hay.
  • Hay designed the dress Emhoff wore underneath her Miu Miu coat on Inauguration Day.
  • Emhoff and Hay said the collaboration will combine both of their aesthetics.

Ella Emhoff is continuing her journey as a fashion designer.

On Monday's episode of "Good Morning Vogue," the 21-year-old Parsons School of Design student announced a new knitwear capsule collection with designer Batsheva Hay. Hay connected with Emhoff after designing the dress she wore underneath a bedazzled Miu Miu coat on Inauguration Day.

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During the Vogue episode, Emhoff told her friends she's excited about the collaboration because she's followed Hay "for a really long time."

"So many of her designs are so cohesive to my personal wants and needs," Emhoff said of Hay.

Although Emhoff and Hay didn't say when their knitwear collection will be launching, they did offer some details on what their design process will look like.


"Even though my stuff is more traditional femininity, I think that you're also doing something playful and playing with femininity, too, in colors and shapes and all of that kind of stuff," Hay said to Emhoff in the episode.

The two designers are still determining what the line will include, however, Emhoff said she would love to create a "smaller little handled bag" with a knit granny-square pattern.

Ella Emhoff is a rising star in the fashion industry

Before becoming widely known as a "style icon," Emhoff was designing knitwear and selling it on a commission basis.

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In February, the 21-year-old released a collection of five one-of-a-kind pieces on Mall, a shopping platform for up-and-coming designers, and it sold out in just a few hours, according to The New York Times. The items - which included two sweater vests, a Tweety Bird purse, a pair of shorts, and a dress - ranged in price from $160 to $320.

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Shortly after making headlines for the chic look that she wore to see her stepmother, Kamala Harris, sworn in as vice president, Emhoff signed with IMG Models, made her runway debut during NYFW in Proenza Schouler's fashion show, and landed her first magazine cover.


In the "Good Morning Vogue" episode, Emhoff also reflected on what her life looks like now just a few months after the inauguration.

"I have to be honest, I was not expecting this," she said. "I think life really did a 180. Obviously, things are changing, life has changed. There are a lot more people involved in my life now."

Representatives for Ella Emhoff and Batsheva Hay did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment.