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I'm an interior decorator. Here are 9 things I'm not putting in my home this year.

Kelly Kruger   

I'm an interior decorator. Here are 9 things I'm not putting in my home this year.
I not adding items with a checkered pattern to my home this year.alexandre zveiger/Shutterstock
  • As an interior decorator, there are several items I wouldn't add to my home in 2024.
  • This year, I'm avoiding heavy drapes and tabletops with reflective surfaces.

Since people aren't moving as often as they used to, sales on goods in adjacent categories — like home decor, appliances, and furniture — have taken a dive as well. As an interior decorator, I know furnishing a home can be expensive, so it's important to invest in pieces that will stand the test of time.

I've spent years playing with trends and figuring out what isn't worth investing in when decorating my home. Recently, I've realized there are a few items I'd avoid adding to my space in 2024.

Here are nine things I wouldn't add to my home this year.

I'm not buying any new furniture in 2024.

I'm not buying new furniture as vintage, thrifted styles surge in popularity.      CreativaStudio/Getty Images

Lately, I've seen more one-of-a-kind, unique, lived-in furniture. Old-fashioned shapes like bobbin legs are returning, so many designers are passing up new, modern furniture for secondhand treasures.

Rather than seeking a new, mass-produced couch or table, I plan on upcycling classic pieces with new finishes or upholstery.

I won't use heavy drapes in my decor.

I won
Heavy drapes can weigh down a space.      CreativaStudio/Getty Images

Statement curtains add a cozy softness and texture to a room, but heavy drapes can weigh a space down. This dramatic look also doesn't pair well with on-trend designs.

Instead, I recommend balancing style and practicality with layered window treatments. I plan to incorporate blinds or shades alongside sheer curtains for a bright, romantic look.

I'm ditching boring, flat walls for pattern and texture.

Walls with textures or patterns look interesting.      asbe/Getty Images

More designers are replacing smooth, minimalistic, polished surfaces with lived-in, textured finishes.

Textured layers are perfect for those who prefer a minimalist design because they achieve visual interest without adding much color. I like to add soft luxury to a space through limewash walls, which have a chalky look, or tiles with a natural patina, which have an oxidized, aged appearance.

I won't invest in any products with checkered patterns.

I won
I'm over checkered patterns.      Bulgac/Getty Images

Like chevron once had its heyday, checkered patterns were everywhere in 2023. This year, I'm ready to branch out to other, less geometric patterns.

Large-scale organic shapes and hand-drawn styles are a refreshing contrast to the checkered pattern's rigidity. I might also incorporate toile, a canvas-like fabric with a repeated pattern, when I want to stay away from geometric shapes.

Faux furs and animal prints don't feel sophisticated in 2024.

Faux furs and animal prints don
Animal print doesn't pair well with many other trends.      Marko Poplasen/Shutterstock

Animal-print patterns can create a wild-jungle look, but they don't usually pair well with the bold patterns or decor currently in style.

I recommend swapping a faux-hide rug for one with an irregular shape to keep the visual interest of an uncommon floor covering. I'd also replace animal-print blankets with ones with striped patterns or bubbled textures to blend a classic fabric with a modern style.

Washable rugs are not for me.

Washable rugs are not for me.
Washable rugs are often made with synthetic fibers that won't stand the test of time.      Jena Ardell/Getty Images

I don't like synthetic-fiber rugs, but I especially avoid washable ones. The easy-to-clean rugs are great for busy families with young kids or pets, but often have a thin construction.

These rugs are designed to be thrown into a washing machine, so their backing is made of flexible materials that can cause the edges to curl up over time. Many synthetic fibers cannot withstand a lot of heat, so using hot water or a dryer can cause these threads to fray.

Though the wide range of cool styles can be attractive, washable rugs feel like a fast-fashion trend to me. I recommend investing in rugs made with natural materials instead.

I avoid tabletops with reflective surfaces.

I avoid tabletops with reflective surfaces.
Tabletops with reflective surfaces can be hard to clean.      Paul Bradbury/Getty Images

Shiny chrome, acrylic, and glass furniture can balance organic looks with sophisticated glam, but I'd avoid certain pieces.

Reflective or glass-top tables smudge easily, so they often require constant cleaning. Take it from me — wiping away the fingerprints will become a never-ending chore.

Cool tones aren't my favorite style trend.

Cool tones aren
Cool-toned designs are out this year.      Charday Penn/Getty Images

Cool tones, including blue, gray, and icy white, seem to have fallen out of favor. Recently, I've seen more designers using orange, peach, and caramel-y browns to embrace warmth and vibrancy instead.

For a neutral take on the warm-color trend, I recommend painting walls a creamy off-white color and adding furniture or accessories made from materials like terracotta and natural oak-stained wood.

Disco-ball motifs are fun, but I find them to be overdone.

Disco-ball motifs are fun, but I find them to be overdone.
I like disco balls, but the corresponding '70s-inspired artwork isn't my favorite.      Oscar Wong/Getty Images

The 1970s era has inspired many decor trends, but I can't get on board with the disco-ball craze.

The mirrored look is a fun way to brighten a room, but I think artwork depicting disco balls is overdone. It's a reproduction of the style choice, so in my opinion, it lacks the original item's impact.

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