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Insider Today: Hair transplants in Istanbul

Joi-Marie McKenzie   

Insider Today: Hair transplants in Istanbul
  • This post originally appeared in the Insider Today newsletter.

Happy Saturday! If you're heading out this weekend, here are 11 things a bartender wishes people would stop doing — including asking them to play your favorite song.

On the agenda today:

But first: Where did Mother's Day brunch come from?

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This week's dispatch

Mother's Day brunch

It's Mother's Day tomorrow — a holiday that can be joyful for many, but also difficult and emotional for others.

For those celebrating the holiday, I have a feeling you might be doing something that just feels synonymous with Mother's Day: brunching. I asked Business Insider lifestyle correspondent Anneta Konstantinides for her thoughts — and whether she has any brunch tips.

Anneta, how did brunch become synonymous with Mother's Day?

My very first memory of Mother's Day was my dad informing me it was time to make mom breakfast in bed. It's a holiday I associate with the simple pleasures of morning — fresh coffee, a stack of pancakes, and fluffy eggs.

I think it's just a perfect way to celebrate Mother's Day. There's no need for a massive feast à la Thanksgiving or Christmas — the point, after all, is to make sure mom doesn't have to do anything.

If you want to celebrate mom but don't want to leave the house, are there recipes to ensure she has a good meal at home?

Ina Garten's Greek orzo salad will help you transition from breakfast to lunch, and her blueberry-ricotta breakfast cake is a must. I made it for my own mom last Mother's Day, and she gave it a 10/10.

And every mom deserves a great cocktail, so why not celebrate the day with Garten's famous cosmopolitan — with a summer-ready watermelon twist?

Mountain views and masala chai

A writer spent $317 a night to stay at the Taj Cape Town in South Africa. She could see Table Mountain from her room, one of the city's major landmarks.

The hotel's food was also a highlight of the author's trip — from fresh masala chai at the breakfast buffet, to afternoon tea, to hand-delivered slices of cake.

See inside the Taj Cape Town.

A quick trip to "Hairstanbul"

In the United States, hair transplants range from $10,000 to $20,000. But in Istanbul, one doctor charges about $3,500 — a fee that includes a consultation, the operation, some aftercare, three nights in a four-star hotel, and transport from the airport, the hotel, and the clinic.

After seeing one of his friends successfully regain his hair after a trip to "Hairstanbul," the author decided to make the journey himself.

Here's what the process is like.

Chris Pine's rise through the ranks

In an interview with BI, Pine said he never wanted to be a movie star. A third-generation actor, he first avoided going into the family business, hoping to become a professional baseball player instead.

That's not how it shook out. With leading roles in rom-coms and IP-fueled blockbusters, Pine has risen through Hollywood's ranks. He described his ascent to BI — including what he learned from Denzel Washington.

Get inside Chris Pine's mind.

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Reginald Ferguson, a men's fashion consultant, told BI he wanted his clients to remain "modern, yet classic" this summer. That means skipping the athleisure and grabbing upscale items from brands like Zegna and Kiton.

A finance bro's guide to summer fashion.

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