The mommy vlogger caught telling her son to cry for a video shared 'girl boss' advice and weight loss meal plans before her viral blunder

The mommy vlogger caught telling her son to cry for a video shared 'girl boss' advice and weight loss meal plans before her viral blunder
In her apology video, Jordan Cheyenne said she put YouTube above her son's mental health. Screenshot YouTube/Jordan Cheyenne
  • Jordan Cheyenne is a YouTube vlogger who had over half a million subscribers last week.
  • But Cheyenne deleted her channel after mass outrage over an interaction with her son.
  • On September 8, Cheyenne accidentally posted a clip of her telling her son to cry for a thumbnail.

On Monday, Jordan Cheyenne scrubbed her social media accounts and deleted her YouTube channel. The 30-year-old mommy vlogger went dark after sparking viral outrage over a clip that showed her telling her crying son to pose for a YouTube thumbnail.

Before the controversy, Cheyenne had over 500,000 YouTube subscribers and more than 130,000 Instagram followers. She was known for beauty and style vlogs, meal prep for weight loss videos, and parenting content. But more recently, Cheyenne embraced the genre of staged "family channel" drama that has become popular on the platform.

That backfired when Cheyenne posted the now-viral video of her son crying, which occurred after she said their dog contracted parvo, a highly contagious disease found in dogs. The video, titled "We are heartbroken," included an unedited clip of Cheyenne's son Christian telling her that he was already crying and didn't need to pretend for the camera.

"Act like you're crying," Cheyenne could be heard saying in the clip as she instructed her son to put his head on her chest and make an exaggerated crying gesture.

"Mom, I'm actually crying," Christian could be heard saying in response. In an apology video that has since been deleted along with the rest of her videos, Cheyenne said she was "disgusted" with herself.


"It made me take a step back and realize I need to just be way more present in the moment and not even be thinking about anything like this when things are happening in my life," she said in the video.

In a statement to Insider, Cheyenne said that she would be taking time off the internet and would no longer be featuring Christian in her YouTube videos.

Here's what to know about Cheyenne and her YouTube content.

Cheyenne was known for vlogging about her life as a single mom

According to Famous Birthdays, a fan-created website that typically asks creators to submit their own biographical information, Cheyenne created her YouTube channel in 2012 under the name "JayJaysBeautyBlog."

An archived version of Cheyenne's YouTube description from 2016 identified her as a "single mommy to the best loving adorable little boy." She wrote that her videos included affordable beauty product hauls, home decor hauls, lifestyle and fitness videos, and daily vlogs with Christian.


"Im a very hardworking motivated person & Im always looking for new ways to be successful while living a happy fulfilled life & living in the present moment," Cheyenne wrote on YouTube in her channel's archived 2016 description. "My main goal is to be the best mom possible & raise my son to grow up being a respectful responsible loving young man."

According to a June 2018 podcast interview, Cheyenne started including Christian in her videos when he was born. Cheyenne said that Christian was born 3 months before his due date and only weighed one pound. His "birth story" became one of Cheyenne's first videos to gain traction, she said.

Eventually, with millions of views coming in, Cheyenne was able to start monetizing her social media presence. It's unclear whether she was a part of the YouTube Partner Program - which would have allowed Cheyenne to make money from ads on her videos - but she said on the 2018 podcast that she was able to make money because of her followers.

"The more value you can provide people, the more income that will come your way," Cheyenne said on the podcast.

Cheyenne became successful on YouTube with videos about meal prep for weight loss

The mommy vlogger caught telling her son to cry for a video shared 'girl boss' advice and weight loss meal plans before her viral blunder
Jordan Cheyenne first achieved social media success with meal prep videos that were viewed millions of time. Screenshot YouTube/Jordan Cheyenne

According to Cheyenne in another 2018 interview with a blog, she was able to make a full-time income from social media once her videos about how to meal prep for weight loss started taking off. Though the videos have since been removed, Cheyenne's old thumbnails indicate that she showed grocery hauls and easy recipes that followers could use to lose weight.


Cheyenne also made money selling motivational courses and e-books about monetizing online and making successful Instagram content. In a 2018 interview with a blog, Cheyenne said she started making her full-time income from YouTube after putting out content for two years.

Cheyenne's personal website, which has since been taken down, was called "Girl Boss Academy." According to Cheyenne, she wanted to teach women how to build social media followings and make money from posting.

"I think once a few of my meal prep videos got over a million views I really realized how big of an audience I could expose my content to, and that got me super excited," Cheyenne said in the 2018 interview, adding that her audience growth was "super slow & steady," gaining about 100,000 subscribers annually.

"Slow, steady, and consistent has always been the plan for me," she said.

According to SocialBlade, an analytics website that draws data from YouTube, Cheyenne started to experience a dip in monthly gained subscribers in January 2019. After her most recent controversy, Cheyenne lost around 2,000 subscribers before deleting her channel.


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