Long weekends in October 2019 to help you plan your holidays better

Long weekends in October 2019 to help you plan your holidays better
Sukoon Homestay | Business Insider India

Weekends Dates Comments
Weekend 1 5th October - 8th October Long weekend If you take 7th October off
Weekend 2 12th October - 13th October Saturday and Sunday
Weekend 3 19th October - 20th October Saturday and Sunday
Weekend 4 26th October - 29th October Long weekend If you take 29th October (bhai dooj) off

Life without work can be boring. However, when the same monotony continues for so long with fewer breaks, we tend to grow weary and fatigued physically as well as mentally. Fortunately, some months bring with them a lot of holidays so that we are refreshed, recharged and spend them on something that interests us. If you are longing for a travel, looking for some adventure or entertainment or just want to relax with your near and dear ones, October 2019 will prove to be a boon for you as the month has many long weekends. Let us glance at the calendar of October 2019 to plan our schedules effectively well in advance.

This is the season to be jolly

October 2019 is going to be highly exciting for holiday lovers. This month will see one national holiday and two festival holidays. Adding the long weakened with them, you will have several days to bid adieu to your regular work and pack your luggage for some exotic trip or get immersed in the comfort of your cozy bed to find long hours of sleep and relaxation. These holidays can also come in handy to finish some pending chores as well as get involved with some household responsibilities to please your spouse. You can also plan something interesting during this October’s long weekends to engage your kids and better half so that you get the most out of October 2019.

Events and festivals in October 2019

The very second day of the month is seen marked as Gandhi Jayanti. Gandhi Jayanti is one of the major national holidays in the country that will see both private and public enterprises will remain closed. So, on Tuesday October 2, 2019, plan something to kill the day usefully.


Depending on your office regulations, you might have a short or long weekend on Saturday (October 5) and Sunday (October 6). If you take a day off on Monday, the Dussehra holiday will relieve you on Tuesday, October 8, 2019 as well making it an extra long weekend.


The second Saturday and Sunday of the month will be on October 12 and October 13. Banks will remain closed for the two days continuously.


The third week end falls on Saturday, October 19 and Sunday, October 20. If you are lucky enough, your office might give you a holiday on Saturday relieving you for two days continuously.


The last week brings with it a good news as well as bad news. The good news is about the Diwali celebrations falling on October 27, 2019. The bad news is that this year Diwali falls on a Sunday. This will let you miss out an additional holiday. You can take Monday off and then Bhai Dooj could be an additional holiday making it a 4-day long weekend for you.

So, plan your happy days well

If you are planning for some travels, book your tickets early to avoid last minutes hassles or disappointment. Make the best use of the discounted sale offers by major brands so that you give vent to your shopping mania and pick up something useful and interesting for yourself and your family. Remember to withdraw money from the ATMs in advance so that you do not find them out of cash during a crucial hour. Also, this will help you avoid the long queues at the ATMs during this festival season.

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