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Millennials aren't giving up on having a home they love

Joi-Marie McKenzie   

Millennials aren't giving up on having a home they love
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Welcome back to our Saturday edition! With the weather heating up, it's time to hose down your weathered furniture and spruce up your outdoor space. We asked gardeners and exterior designers how to make your outside feel as cozy as your inside.

Now let's get into a roundup of some of our top stories.

On the agenda:

But first: Who needs homeownership?

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This week's dispatch

The HGTV-ification of millennials

Millennials know just how hard it is to buy a home. From the home shortage to having higher debt compared to their parents during the same stage of life, it hasn't been easy.

But millennials, the eldest of the group being in their early 40s, aren't giving up. In fact, in 2022, homeownership for the cohort was above 50% for the first time, reports BI.

Still, while some millennials are spending seven figures buying and renovating their homes, others are giving up on homeownership completely. Instead, they're reprioritizing how they're spending their money and what they're choosing to invest in.

Brigette Muller told Business Insider she'd rather invest in her Brooklyn apartment. The 36-year-old spent $20,000 renovating her rental — and said she has no regrets.

"I just want to have a space that I feel good in," she said.

WFI (Work From Italy)

If you've ever considered fleeing the country to work as a digital nomad, now might be your chance.

Italy launched its digital nomad visa, a long-anticipated pass to live and work in the country. Non-EU or Swiss citizens can now apply for the visa, which lasts for one year.

See if you fit the requirements.

Your secret work crush

It's not just you — half of workers have an office crush. After all, we spend much of our waking lives at work, making it natural to develop feelings for the people around us.

And while they have the power to bring out some of our best work, they can also turn an enjoyable office experience into a soul-crushing one.

How the office spurs workplace attraction.

Masters merch feeding frenzy

The Masters Tournament, which started on Thursday, is the most exclusive event in golf. For those lucky enough to snag a ticket, merch is the way to show off that good fortune.

Items boasting the Masters logo — think hats, shirts, and even a garden gnome — have become elite status symbols.

Why Masters merch is so coveted.

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Skip the ultra-processed foods

After learning about the potential health risks of ultra-processed foods, nutritionist Rob Hobson decided to eat as few of them as possible.

Before reducing his UPF consumption, Hobson would eat a whole wheat bagel with ham and avocado for lunch. He's since turned away from processed meats and stopped including bagels in his lunchtime routine.

Here's what his lunch looks like now.

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  • "The Sympathizer": Robert Downey Jr. plays multiple characters in HBO's show based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel.

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