Looking for a date? Meme, playlist sharing may be the key to success

Looking for a date? Meme, playlist sharing may be the key to success
  • A dating app survey shows 21% of Gen Z daters find sending memes, funny videos helps in establishing rapport with new matches.
  • The above 30 acknowledge a notable shift in getting-to-know-each-other dynamics compared to five years ago.
  • 19% of daters residing in tier 1 and 2 cities emphasised the significance of shared music preferences.
"O, she doth teach the torches to burn bright!", was how Shakespeare penned Romeo expressing his love for Juliet. Cut to the present, and as Bob Dylan said, “The times they are a changin”.

The GenZ, or ‘technically’ speaking, people born between 1996 and 2010, who have entered the dating scenario are now utilising modern tools of communication for more impactful connection. The survey of GenZ and millennials by dating app QuackQuack has found that from sharing memes that resonate with both parties to exchanging personalised playlists, the realm of communication between matches is changing by the day.

Says Ravi Mittal, Founder and CEO, QuackQuack, "The new matches often send each other cute videos that might express the same emotions as they have for each other, memes, and we even see them discussing movies and current trends on the social media."

The new language of love

According to the survey, a notable 21% of GenZ daters expressed that sending memes and funny videos plays a significant role in establishing rapport with new matches. In other words, the traditional "Hey, how are you?" conversation starter seems to have evolved, with humorous content becoming a more engaging and meaningful way to communicate.

Experts believe that when someone continues to send memes to their person of interest, it is a clear indication of their interest, suggesting that the content holds more significance than just providing amusement. The report does note that this trend is primarily observed between two individuals who have already demonstrated mutual romantic interest, rather than being applicable to interactions with random individuals.

Love, more profound

The survey has also found that a significant 37% of daters above the age of 30 acknowledge a notable shift in the dynamics of the getting-to-know-each-other phase compared to five years ago. Traditionally trivial questions like someone's favorite colour have taken a backseat in favour of deeper inquiries.

Nowadays, conversations focus on understanding how well individuals have healed from past heartbreaks, their resilience in the face of challenges, and other aspects that provide meaningful insights into their character.

Music is the food of love and sharing is caring

As per the survey results, 19% of daters residing in tier 1 and 2 cities emphasised the significance of shared music preferences as a reason to establish a connection. Having similar musical tastes provides ample topics for conversation and facilitates smoother interactions between matches. It serves as a common ground that fosters a sense of understanding and compatibility.

Additionally, 11% of respondents from the same cities revealed that sharing passwords for over-the-top (OTT) platforms is viewed as a means of connecting. They suggested that offering your subscription password to someone you've been conversing with for some time can potentially accelerate the friendship or bonding process. It is seen as a gesture of trust and intimacy, allowing both individuals to enjoy shared content and engage in discussions related to the shows or movies they watch.

When it comes to OTT, even opposites attract

Coming to OTT platforms, having a shared love for a particular series or, intriguingly, even a shared dislike for a series can serve as a reason to connect, as stated by 16% of male daters aged 22 to 28. Engaging in discussions about a series, exchanging critical opinions on its quality or whether it lived up to its expectations, can become excellent conversation starters. These topics provide a platform for meaningful interactions and allow individuals to delve into their perspectives on various series.

Similarly, 14% of female daters in the same age group revealed that asking, "Did you watch so and so series?" has become the most common ice-breaker. This shows that mentioning specific series and seeking shared viewing experiences has become a popular way to initiate conversations and connect with potential partners.

Laughter is the best medicine

Over 24% of daters between the ages of 25-30 in tier 1 cities expressed a preference for comedy shows over other movie genres when it comes to spending time with their partners. These daters believe that laughter plays a significant role in fostering a healthy relationship. They argue that comedy shows provide an opportunity for couples to share a good laugh together while simultaneously assessing each other's sense of humor and overall compatibility.

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