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Tesla appears to be ramping up hiring again

Tom Carter   

Tesla appears to be ramping up hiring again
  • Tesla appears to be ramping up hiring again after Elon Musk's brutal layoffs.
  • The automaker is advertising for a host of roles.

Tesla appears to be ramping up hiring again, nearly two months after Elon Musk kicked off mass layoffs.

The automaker previously reduced the number of available jobs for North America on its website from 3,400 to just 3 after it slashed 10% of its global workforce in April and laid off more workers in the weeks after. Tesla then posted over a dozen jobs in the company's autopilot division in late May.

Now, however, Tesla appears to have expanded its hiring to cover a variety of roles, with over 60 positions in the US and Canada advertised on the company's website.

Per Linkedin, these jobs appear to have been posted within the last two weeks.

It suggests the electric vehicle manufacturer is beginning to ramp up hiring again after a brutal run of rolling layoffs throughout April and May. Electrek was the first to report on the new job listings.

The roles advertised include positions on Tesla's energy — solar and storage teams. Some of these include providing "corrective maintenance services" to Tesla's energy products, including its charging stations.

Tesla laid off its entire supercharger division as part of the cuts, reportedly after the division's chief reportedly defied Musk and refused to lay off any more of the team. The company subsequently rehired some members of the supercharger team, according to Bloomberg.

The layoffs sparked uncertainty among Tesla's suppliers, with Andres Pinter, the co-CEO of Tesla supplier Bullet EV Charging Solutions, previously telling Business Insider that the company had a "serious case of whiplash."

"It sounds like an existing Tesla team from a different department has been inserted to manage the charging division," said Pinter, who added that it was unclear if this move was temporary or permanent.

The company is also advertising for several roles at Tesla's forthcoming lithium plant in Corpus Christi, Texas. Musk has said the plant will produce enough battery metal to build about 1 million electric vehicles by 2025.

Tesla also lists positions for its internship programs, with roles in vehicle servicing and mechanical design, for example, advertised for the summer and fall of 2024.

The automaker previously appeared to revoke some of its summer internships less than a month before their start date, with one would-be intern posting on LinkedIn that his internship was canceled three weeks before his start date.

Tesla did not immediately respond to a request for comment made outside normal working hours.

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