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  4. Tesla owner says his Cybertruck delivery got bloody and he ended up in the hospital after accidentally cutting his wrist on the EV

Tesla owner says his Cybertruck delivery got bloody and he ended up in the hospital after accidentally cutting his wrist on the EV

Ana Altchek   

Tesla owner says his Cybertruck delivery got bloody and he ended up in the hospital after accidentally cutting his wrist on the EV
  • Another Tesla owner reported an injury from the Cybertruck's sharp edges.
  • The owner said he ended up in the hospital after accidentally slicing his wrist during delivery.

A Cybertruck delivery ended up a bit bloody, a Tesla owner wrote in a forum post.

While there's been past coverage of Cybertruck-related injuries from people testing out the frunk's sensor on their fingers (don't do that), or the guy who needed stitches after clipping his leg on the door's edge when exiting, this Cybertruck owner wrote that they accidentally sliced their wrist while inspecting their brand-new vehicle upon arrival.

The Tesla owner posted on the Cybertruck Owner's Club that he had been anxiously awaiting the arrival of his vehicle. But when it finally arrived, the Cybertruck was in "sloppy, sloppy condition at delivery," with a "disastrously dirty" windshield with a smeary film over it, and a hood covered in rust spots, he wrote.

The owner said that he noted several issues with the vehicle: an overspray on the body panels that he couldn't easily wipe off, a loose rubber seal along the tonneau cover, and a large upper panel on the driver's side in the bed that flew off while driving on a main road. He posted photos of some of the issues.

But they weren't enough to deter the Tesla owner from enjoying his new ride.

"Otherwise, it's great," he wrote on the forum. "Heck, it's great even with these issues. The tires and wheel look GREAT in person."

But things took a turn when the owner walked around to inspect the truck and noticed a small pit or divot on the tailgate, he wrote. When he tried to rub the spot with his thumb to see if it was a divot or stray adhesive, he ended up slicing his wrist, the owner said.

"I jerked my arm back and the employees chuckled jokingly saying this thing can be dangerous," he wrote on the forum. "I, too, thought it was a little slice like a paper cut…Until the blood started pouring."

The owner said there was "a lot of blood," and uploaded a graphic image of injury. We'll spare you the details — but it's safe to say he wasn't exaggerating: the cut looks pretty deep.

He said the two employees scrambled to find something to stop the bleeding, and he was eventually able to apply a bandage. He still managed to wash off his wrist, wrap it up, and complete delivery, the owner wrote.

Several hours later, he said that he assumed the gash had closed up and he could take off the bandage.

"I unwrapped my wrist and BOOM - spurts of blood all over the kitchen island…" the owner wrote on the forum. "Which leaves me here, at the ER."

The owner also posted a photo of a hospital waiting room. He did not return a request for comment ahead of publication.

The incident is one of the latest reported injuries tied to the sharp edges of the Cybertruck's angular stainless steel design. Some, however, have been seemingly playing with fire. Multiple owners reported hurting themselves after purposely closing the vehicle's frunk on their body parts to test out the hood's safety sensor, with one user ending up with a deep cut that appeared to extend down to his tendon.

Another owner had to get stitches after he accidentally cut his leg on the edge of the door while exiting his vehicle, according to a post on the Cybertruck forum. Yet another forum user commented on the post saying he had also cut himself accidentally while washing his car.

Tesla warns in its manual to "use caution around the panel edges on Cybertruck, including the doors, powered frunk, tailgate, and surrounding panels." The manual also states neglecting to follow proper procedures can result in injury.

Tesla did not respond to a request for comment about the driver's account.