The Queen's son Prince Edward says Prince Philip 'wouldn't have wanted the fuss and the bother' of his 100th birthday

The Queen's son Prince Edward says Prince Philip 'wouldn't have wanted the fuss and the bother' of his 100th birthday
Prince Philip and Prince Edward.Max Mumby/Getty Images
  • Prince Edward says Prince Philip had no desire to celebrate his 100th birthday.
  • The royal told CNN that Philip "wouldn't have wanted the fuss and the bother."
  • Philip, who died on April 9, would have turned 100 on Thursday.

The Duke of Edinburgh's youngest son Prince Edward has given an interview to mark what would have been his 100th birthday on Thursday.

Edward, Earl of Wessex spoke to CNN about his father's legacy, saying Prince Philip was "the sort of person that once met was never forgotten."
"He was always, always incredibly self-effacing. It wasn't about him, it was about other people. He just gave them the nudge, the encouragement, and off they go. And tragically, it wasn't until he passed away that everybody went, 'Wow, that's what he did?' And of course, it's too late, he never found out," Edward said.
"But then I suspect that if he had made it to his 100th birthday, then a lot of that would have come out. And it would have been lovely for him to have heard it himself, but then again, because he was so self-effacing he just wouldn't have wanted the fuss and the bother," he added.

"And I don't think he ever necessarily wanted to reach his..." he added, trailing off. "I just think he thought there'd be too much fuss. And that wasn't him."

Prince Philip died at Windsor Castle on April 9. He was 99.

The duke, who was married to the Queen for 73 years, was the longest serving consort in British history.

Philip previously said he had "no desire whatsoever" to reach his 100th birthday. Speaking to The Telegraph in 2000, the duke said he couldn't "imagine anything worse. Bits of me are falling off already."

Edward added that the monarch has been doing "remarkably well" since the death of her husband.

"It was a fantastic partnership. But over the last couple of weeks, life has got considerably busier. Things are beginning to open up, there are more activities. So weirdly that fills any particular void," he said.

Buckingham Palace did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment.