These are the most peaceful countries in the world; India’s rank has improved marginally

Jun 16, 2022

By: Vaamanaa Sethi

Global Peace Index 2022

The Global Peace Index 2022 report says that the global peacefulness deteriorated by 0.3 percent in 2021. It ranks countries on 28 parameters like — intensity of internal conflict, refugees, terror, political instability and more.

Credit: EPI-2022


Iceland with a score of 1.107 remains the most peaceful country in the world for the fourteenth consecutive year.

Credit: Pixabay

New Zealand

New Zealand constantly ranks high on a range of developmental, social, and political indicators with a score of 1.269.

Credit: Pixabay


The rank of Ireland saw a change by three positions and is currently ranked at the third spot with a score of 1.288.

Credit: Pixabay


The founding member of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), Denmark has been fighting terrorism and has helped other countries avoid conflicts. It has a score of 1.296.

Credit: Pixabay


Austria’s rank improved by two positions with a score of 1.3. The country has maintained a high level of peace for many years now.

Credit: Pixabay


Portugal with a score of 1.301, ranks at the sixth position due to its low crime rates and minimal terror threats.

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Slovenia’s rank went down by three spots with a score of 1.301. The country is distinguished for its hospitality and a decent standard of living.

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Czech Republic

The country is known for its safe communities, low crime rates and low impact of terrorism.

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Singapore has a transparent legal system and a reliable police force which makes it one of the most peaceful countries.

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Japan, on the tenth rank, has always followed a path of peace-loving nation since the end of World War II and has achieved stability and peace in the international community.

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India’s rank

India however ranks amongst the lowest in this list, at 135 out of 163 countries. Its rank improved by three positions since the year before - but only marginally.

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Pakistan’s rank

India's neighbour Pakistan ranked at the 147th position in the list but has climbed by one position as compared to 2020.

Credit: Pixabay

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