This is my third time doing Whole30. Here are my 7 best tips for making it easier.

This is my third time doing Whole30. Here are my 7 best tips for making it easier.
After trying the Whole30 diet twice, I've picked up some tips to make it easier.Jennifer Still
  • I'm following the Whole30 diet for the third time and have tips to make the plan more bearable.
  • Meal prepping and buying Whole30-compliant foods like collagen creamer help me stay on track.

I've completed the Whole30 diet twice before and, though it's not always easy, there are ways to make it more bearable.

The Whole30 diet calls for cutting out all grains, dairy, sugar and sugar substitutes, legumes, and alcohol for 30 days in order to discover which of these groups causes irritation or inflammation in your body. Though restrictive, this plan can be helpful to those trying to diagnose diet-related sensitivities and get their food intake back on track.

I decided to start a third round of the diet on January 1 to calm my sugar cravings and, so far, it's been great.

Keep in mind that Whole30 is not for everyone and you may want to check with your doctor before drastically changing your diet.

Here are some tips based on things I've learned over the last two rounds that might help you get through the Whole30 diet as easily as possible:


Stock up on essential ingredients before you get started

This is my third time doing Whole30. Here are my 7 best tips for making it easier.
I add Whole30-compliant collagen creamer to my morning coffee.Jennifer Still

Think about the convenience items you don't want to go without and do some research on alternatives. You can stock up on whatever you think you'll need over the 30 days for the best chance at success.

I love a creamy cup of coffee but since Whole30 cuts out dairy, oats, and sugar, I got creative with what I added to my morning brew. I mix in the Vital Proteins collagen creamers, which I bought before my Whole30 round began.

Tessemae's and Primal Kitchen also have plenty of Whole30-approved salad dressings, sauces, and other condiments. Some brands of bacon and sausage are also Whole30 compliant.

Keep your recipes and meals simple

This is my third time doing Whole30. Here are my 7 best tips for making it easier.
Meal prepping a healthy breakfast helps me stay on track on the Whole30 diet.Jennifer Still

You might feel tempted to make five different dishes a week for the sake of switching things up, but that can require a lot of spare time, income, and energy.

Overcomplicating dishes isn't feasible on the Whole30 diet, but meal prepping can save time and is an easy way to portion out your food.

Try meal prepping two to three different dishes one day a week and portioning your food into containers for quick reheating. Having something handy when you're hungry will help you throughout the diet.

Avoid the temptation to step on the scale

This is my third time doing Whole30. Here are my 7 best tips for making it easier.
The Whole30 diet allows protein and vegetables.Jennifer Still

The Whole30 diet is meant to help you figure out which foods cause inflammation, irritation, or other reactions. Though some people can shed a few pounds, it's not meant to be a weight-loss diet where you track calories.


Instead, you should eat to satiety so long as you're eating Whole30-compliant meals. Allow yourself to experience the process for what it is and wait to step on the scale until the 30 days are up.

Stay hydrated

With proper hydration, you'll have more energy, feel fuller, and you'll be more likely to stay on track.

Though diet sodas and sugary beverages are off-limits on the Whole30 diet, you can drink water, herbal teas, coffee, and any other liquids that don't contain any sugar or artificial sweeteners. Fruit juice, when 100% pure, is also acceptable on occasion.

Try not to cheat — it can make a big difference

This is my third time doing Whole30. Here are my 7 best tips for making it easier.
Making a variety of meals on the Whole30 diet helps me avoid "cheating."Jennifer Still

Though it's tempting to have a spoonful of peanut butter or a cube of cheese, one deviation from the Whole30 plan can lead to other compromises or ending the diet altogether.


Whole30 is strict, but it's only 30 days. I like to say focused and keep in mind that I'll be able to eat the food I miss at the end of the month.

Join some Facebook communities for support

There are plenty of popular Facebook groups full of members documenting their own Whole30 journeys.

Joining these groups will give you a place to rant, ask questions, or simply commiserate when the going gets tough with others who are in the same boat.

A quick Facebook search for "Whole30" should bring up quite a few communities, but I'd recommend the Whole30 Support Group and Whole30 Support.

Cut yourself a little slack

If you mess up because you didn't see a non-compliant ingredient listed and you ate the food anyway, it's not the end of the world.


If you have no energy for a few days because your body isn't used to a diet of sugar and simple carbs, give yourself space to feel that way with the understanding that you will bounce back.