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Victoria Beckham's expensive eyeliners cost $30, but I'd recommend them anyway

Amanda Krause   

Victoria Beckham's expensive eyeliners cost $30, but I'd recommend them anyway
  • Eyeliners from Victoria Beckham Beauty retail for $30 per pencil.
  • After receiving one as a birthday gift last year, I'm convinced they're worth the high price.

Spending anything more than $10 on an eyeliner pencil feels borderline painful — but I'd make an exception for ones from Victoria Beckham Beauty.

I remember when the former Spice Girl announced her cosmetics brand in 2019. I took one look at her products and thought they looked stunning, but I kept scrolling when I saw the price range. Rarely can I justify spending over $50 on a small eye-shadow palette or $30 on a single eyeliner.

But for my birthday last year, my aunt surprised me with one of the latter products in a deep burgundy shade. She had no idea that I'd considered trying the brand before, so it felt a little like fate.

And now that I use the eyeliner pencil regularly, I can confidently say it's worth $30.

The best word to describe Beckham's Satin Kajal Liner, in my opinion, is rich. The liners are deeply pigmented, thick in texture, and packaged in sleek black tubes that feel luxurious.

I've only tried one shade — a deep burgundy called Bordeaux — though the eyeliner is sold in 15 rich colors, something Beckham has said was important to her when creating her beauty brand.

"I love to experiment with color. You see it in my fashion line, playing with color-blocking and balancing modern brights with nuanced neutrals," Beckham said in a quote on her brand's website. "I look at Satin Kajal Liner through the same lens."

The brand recommends using its pencil eyeliners to create a variety of looks: sharp cat eyes, smokey shadows, and dramatic water lines.

I've tried all of the above, and the eyeliner never fails.

When I apply it in a single swipe to my eyelids, it glides on smoothly and opaquely. I can simply coat my lash line or craft sharp wings.

Other times, I use the smudge sponge to blend the product. The liner is so smooth that you can really play with it on your skin, almost using it as an eye shadow instead.

But the best part, in my opinion, is that the eyeliner truly never budges. I've worn it to attend lengthy rock concerts, and it always looks fresh by the time I leave.

I own more eyeliners than necessary and I've tried a handful from celebrity beauty brands. But Beckham's is one of the best I've used.

So even though $30 is a high price tag — especially for one pencil — it's a price I'm willing to pay as soon as the one I have runs out.

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