scorecardWe tried a TikTok style hack for turning silk scarves into trendy halter tops– here's how to make it work
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We tried a TikTok style hack for turning silk scarves into trendy halter tops– here's how to make it work

Irene Anna Kim,Nicola Fernandez   

We tried a TikTok style hack for turning silk scarves into trendy halter tops– here's how to make it work
LifeThelife7 min read
  • According to this TikTok style hack, you can turn a silk scarf into a fashionable halter top using just a necklace.
  • We followed along to figure out how the hack works, and if we could pull it off.
  • We styled three different looks for a photoshoot and final reveal.

The following is a transcription of the video:

[phone ringing] Irene: Have you guys ever worn a scarf as a top?
Nico: No.
Kyle Absolutely not.
Irene: Now you are!
[Nico and Kyle laughing]
Irene: But I found this really cool one, so let me share my screen. It's like an actual top.
Kyle: We're setting ourselves up to fail. It looks so cute.
Nico: I'm not gonna be this good.
Irene: I think it could go either way. It's either gonna be really good or really bad.
Kyle: I think this seems the scariest of all of them so far.
Nico: Nips. Like, your top could just fall down.
Irene: Yeah, I have high hopes for this, but I guess obviously it didn't work out so well last time.
Nico: I just don't think it's gonna be comfortable nor easy to wear.
Kyle: I think we can make it look really cute, style it. I think the second I start moving, it's gonna be....
Nico: One boob here, one boob out there.
Irene: Well, we'll wear it and see what happens.
Nico: So, here is the very large scarf that I ordered off of Amazon. I didn't want to, but I had to for time's sake, so it would get here on time for this video. An idea blossomed in my mind that I would do, like, this very 2000s Cheetah Girls-style top, complete with hair and makeup. I tried to do it very 2000s today to fit the aesthetic, and I'm very into this vision, so I kind of want to make it come to life.
Irene: So, I have a bunch of scarves. I went through my grandma's closet, and she actually had a lot of options, so here they are. This was the scarf I was originally thinking of. I forget where I got it, but I like the colors, it's very fun, and I think it's the right size 'cause it's definitely longer than my waist, so it'll definitely fit around me. But then I saw my grandma has this one. I might go with this, 'cause I think this will look really cute and like an actual top, you know?
Kyle: I'm getting much more excited to try out this challenge now, because this is my scarf, and I think it's adorable. I feel like this will fit well into the rest of my wardrobe, so if this challenge actually works out, I could wear this all the time. Irene: Two options here. Try not to get them tangled. One's a little bit thicker. One has, like, actually a little bit of a rope design, which might go really nicely, and then this one's just kind of like a traditional chain to hold up the scarf, 'cause I'm not sure if it matters how thick the chain has to be. So, I guess we'll find out.
Nico: So, we're just gonna go through these and see which one could possibly work. [gasps] Wait, I'm looking at this star one right here right now, and I'm already a little bit obsessed with that one, so we might have already made our decision.
Kyle: So, I snuck into my parents' room successfully. They're gonna be pretty mad if they see that this is on the internet somewhere 'cause it's not clean, but sorry. OK. This could be cool. I think this would go really well with my scarf because it has a little blue and it has gold. Maybe it will be a little unique from Irene and Nico's. And I'm also just gonna get excited about it because I don't really have any other options, so.
Nico: This end...this end to this end. And we're going to make a little knot. Oh! [laughs] Ooh! All right, that looks good enough to me. It's, like, super-tight. I don't think it's gonna go anywhere, so now, ooh, do you see my little Cheetah Girls-inspired manicure? Ooh.
Kyle: I'm gonna look at this. There's not much space on the end of the knot, so it's a pretty tight knot. OK. [exhales] Irene: I don't know how big it's supposed to be. I think we're gonna make it smaller, just to be safe. I feel like that gives us more room to play with. I don't know, that might be wrong. We'll find out.
Kyle: This is now too small as a choker, so we're abandoning. Already, we're abandoning this. This one looks like a medium length. I feel like it'll fit through here. So, we loop. OK. That looks promising. Irene: So, I guess, I don't know if you were... they weren't really clear in the TikTok if you were supposed to, like, loop this in. It was all really fast, but I'm just gonna put it like this, and then I guess this goes on me?
Nico: It's probably gonna look crazy, but who knows? I guess I just put it through here, right? You slide it through, and there you go? That's, like, the top? Oh, my God! [gasps] Wait, this could be really cute! Do you see?
Dylan: I do. Am I still filming?
Nico: Yeah. [both laughing] Dylan: Bye, guys. Irene: Around my neck, just like a normal necklace. [laughing] I look like I'm gonna go eat lobster or something. So, I can't even get my necklace on. To be fair, this is, like, not a normal clasp. It's, like, a very old-fashioned one. OK, got it. Ooh.
Nico: OK, so I guess I'm just gonna put the necklace on first, like a little bib, and I would try to get it, like, tighter. Oh! Oh, God, wait, that choker is choking me a little too hard. [dramatic music]
Kyle: Now that's too long. OK. Abort necklace No. 2. We've returned to the blue necklace. I'm staying positive. I think I can get this back on track. OK. I really think I just did something a little bit genius.
Nico: [gasps] I can see the vision! OK, wait. And then I would just tie it, like, back there. Oh, I look a little.... Oh, my God. This is literally the best hack ever because it's, like, two steps, and it doesn't require any scissors. [gasps]
Irene: This is kind of an arm workout. Which makes sense, 'cause, you know, they have those workouts with, like, the rubber bands and stuff. [dance music] That kind of feels like what I've been doing all day.
Kyle: Going to tie. I don't know how to tie knots other than just, like, a basic knot, so it's not gonna look necessarily pretty or fancy, but it's gonna work. Well, obviously, I put this on for modest reasons, but I'm gonna try to take the tank top and bra off and then just check how it actually looks and if I'm actually being covered. So. The material's so thin, and mine happens to be, like, slightly sheer, so it didn't look good, but luckily I did find a strapless bra, so I actually am loving how it's looking here. The only problem is.... [error ping] But I'm gonna try to tie this and see if I can tie it over my bra so that it's hidden better. That definitely worked a little better. Irene: Three, two, one, go. [all laughing and gasping]
Nico: Wow, we all look really good. That's what I think.
Kyle: You guys look so cute!
Nico: I love these. I love these tops! Oh, my God! Irene: I don't know who to look at. I'm like [makes swooshing sound] [laughing] Nico: This watercolor pattern is so cute.
Kyle: I love it. It turned out just how I wanted it.
Nico: It's so cute. Irene, you look rich.
Kyle: You look like Chriselle.
Irene: I'm gonna be rich daughter. I'm trying to get Chriselle to adopt me. Give me your handbag. Oh, my God, Nico, I'm obsessed. You got the 2000s vibe to a T.
Nico: It came out more Scary Spice, but I was like, "Yeah, I'm into that, too."
Irene: I love these! I feel like we just, we don't look like we did the same DIY. We look like we were all just like, "Let's all get halter tops and meet up."
Kyle: I will say, the only limitation that I feel like I have with this, you either have to be, like, pro no bra, which, good for you, I wish I could be that, or you have to have a strapless bra that you feel comfortable showing.
Irene: How was it wearing it outside for you guys? 'Cause I thought it was actually really comfortable. I was more just annoyed being in the heat in general. Like, I just don't like being outside, but the top itself, I was surprised. The silk seemed actually like a good material. Like, I didn't get sweaty or anything. It was fine. Like, it felt like I had nothing on.
Kyle: It held up pretty well. I mean, as much as you can ask for fabric in, like, 90-degree July weather.
Nico: I think that I actually got pretty hot. I was hot outside. It doesn't feel breathable of materials, and it was a hot scorcher of a day when I went outside, but it didn't move at all, which I was really impressed with. These look really, really good, you guys. I'm very impressed with this work, compared to how some of our other ones have gone.
Irene: The last one.
Nico: This is probably, like, our area, where we should stay, in terms of DIY. [laughs] Simple, no sharp objects.
Kyle: No cutting.
Irene: No cutting.
Nico: No. I
rene: I shouldn't show you the ones we have lined up.
Nico: Oh, no.
Kyle: Oh, Irene.