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World Music Day – from rock and roll to hip hop, here's how music has inspired fashion

World Music Day – from rock and roll to hip hop, here's how music has inspired fashion
From the king of rock and roll to underground hip hop and rap culture, music has known to inspire fashion for decades.

Elvis Presley maintained a larger than life persona on stage which inspired designers and fashion houses across the world. Leather jackets, denim on denim looks and high waisted flared pants became all the rage! Fashion and music have been known to go hand in hand, and major trends across the globe have been born through music and musical culture.

This World Music Day, Nelson Jaffery, Head of Design, Liva and Abhishek Yadav, Design Head, Spykar Lifestyles' tell us about the fashion trends that have been born through music and culture.

The athleisure wear and sneaker culture has been raging in the fashion scene for quite a while now. Originally sported heavily in the hip hop videos, the oversized shirts, sweat pants and high top sneakers have become mainstream fashion statements now. The comfort and style of this trend made it an instant hit for daily casual wear.

Vintage band t-shirts are known to be collectible items which appreciate in value over time. These classic tees are known to give a cool edgy look which falls in line with the iconic era of the 70's, 80's and 90's. A lot of mainstream fashion brands have also launched their versions of vintage tees.

Denim again has been popularized by the pop culture. Icons like Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake have worn all denim ensembles on red carpets and they have been one of the most memorable looks. Vintage denims hence have been an ever green fashion statement. Country singers as well have been known to showcase their persona with crisp shirts and vintage denims along with cowboy hats.

While sustainability is taking centre stage, fabrics like viscose and modal are becoming the ideal choice for fashion houses and designers. The drape, fluidity and high breathability of these fabrics are highly appreciated by consumers and designers as it truly encapsulates the flare and panache of the music industry.

In recent times, boy bands, musical groups and pop music have also brought back the pops of colours in clothing. Loud prints, bright coloured pants and suits have been seen everywhere.

Apart from drawing direct inspiration from the culture, music is also known to be a great tool which is used to enhance creativity. Hence many fashion designers use music in their process of creating fashion lines.