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Your ultimate guide to visiting San Francisco

Chelsea Davis   

Your ultimate guide to visiting San Francisco
  • San Francisco is a prime destination that offers stunning views, eateries, and cultural experiences.
  • Insider has created a comprehensive travel guide for enjoying The City by the Bay to the fullest.

San Francisco is among the most exciting destinations in the US. The Golden City has a myriad of cultures, iconic sights, endless activities, and top-tier restaurants. Its hallmarks include the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island, while its more underrated and alluring offerings include scenic Jeep tours and copious marketplaces. The city boasts year-round temperate weather, winning sports teams, and historical significance, notably its role in the 1960s hippie movement and the early-2000s hyphy movement, which percolated from Oakland.

The City by the Bay is a forward-thinking, tech-driven locality that prides itself on diversity and inclusion. And its proximity to the Sierra Nevada, wine country, stunning coastlines, and magical redwood forests further make it an ideal city to sojourn in or set down roots.

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