Tik Tok user lays out Jeff Bezos enormous wealth in rice grains

Tik Tok user lays out Jeff Bezos enormous wealth in rice grains
  • A viral Tik Tok video illustrating Bezos wealth gained almost 2.6 million views on Twitter.
  • Humphrey Yang, a Tik Tok user, represented Bezos' wealth with a huge heap of rice, weighing 58 pounds.
  • Bezos’ shelled out a total of $10 billion in the past week amid the coronavirus outbreak.
A viral video doing rounds on social media illustrated Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos net worth using grains of rice.

Humphrey Yang, a personal finance guru with 1.4 million likes and 252 thousand followers on the video-sharing platform, created an illustration of Bezos wealth with the help of grains of rice. The video went viral and has already received almost 2.6 million views and nearly 88 thousand likes on Twitter.

At the beginning of the viral video, Yang pretended a single grain of rice represents $100,000, and then he later counts out 10 grains of rice to show $1 million. Yang moves on further and counts out the whooping amount of 10,000 grains to illustrate what $1 billion looked like in rice grains.

He later adds a quick-cut to his car in the video and drives to a supermarket store, where he bought two large bags of rice. He brought it back home and emptied it on a blue mat, and then started counting it again.

In the later part of the video, he shows a huge heap of rice, weighing 58 pounds (26.3 Kilograms) with a whiteboard representing Bezos fortune equal to $122 billion.

The viral video largely gained user attention and received comments sparking debates over Bezos net worth. Tweeps were left ‘jaw-dropped’ after many commented on the video that they wished to have one grain of that rice heap.


While there were still many, who questioned Bezos and said, “What size is an Amazon employee’s salary?”

Last year in April 2019, Bezos lost a big chunk of his wealth after he divorced his wife MacKenzie, who kept $35.6 billion in Amazon stock. The wealth made her the third richest woman on the earth. After the move, Bezos retained about 75% of the family’s stock in Amazon. His divorce cost him a huge amount of his wealth, but he never lost the status as the richest man in the world.

Bezos’ shelled out a total of $10 billion in the past week out of his wealth, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index as the coronavirus epidemic wiped out the market. The world’s 500 wealthiest people saw $139 billion wiped off their collective net worths on Monday alone, Bloomberg reported.


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