There are 69 new emoji candidates - and we've ranked them all




Rejoice: New emoji are on the way!


Unicode, the consortium responsible for choosing the new emoji across all platforms, has been working on the latest emoji for months and they're almost ready for the their June 2017 launch.

Now, Emojipedia has the 69 new emoji candidates on its site, rendered in an "Apple-like style" so we can see what they could one day look like in iMessage.

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To be clear: These are not the final drafts of the new emoji; these current iterations may still undergo further changes before getting released in a few months. Plus, once they're actually out, users probably won't get them until this coming fall.

Still, it's always fun to get a sneak peek, so we've compiled all the emoji contenders and ranked them from worst to best. The criteria for the ranking was pretty subjective - mainly, how they made us feel and whether we can actually see people using them in real life. There aren't detailed explanations for most of the rankings, but we do offer a more in-depth analysis for the top 10 on this list.


Take a look: