There's A New Way To Make Money Off Your Old Yearbook Photos


old yearbook photo with group of girls


If you're thinking about destroying the evidence from the year you got braces in middle school, you might want to think again.


A new web app called Class Photo Fund gives people an easy way to earn cash from their old yearbook photos, New York Times' Ann Carrns reports.

Here's how it works:

Class Photo Fund is currently a Facebook app, which means you'll need an account to access it. Once users upload yearbook group photos using a scanner or their smartphone to the app, they'll be asked to include additional information about the school, year and people in the shot. That makes it easy for former classmates to track down images they may want to download.

Each copy costs $2.50 each, and the proceeds are split three ways: $1 to the PayPal account of person who uploaded it to the site, $1 to the former student's school and $0.50 to the company itself.


And since it's tied to Facebook, users can download the pictures directly into a new album if they wish. Think of it as an alternative to keeping tabs on old photos on and helping out your alma mater at the same time.

The downside: Once someone has uploaded an entire yearbook's worth of shots, they'll be the only ones cashing in when people buy them. That might give people an incentive to dig theirs out of the attic before anyone else.

Privacy: Current students shouldn't worry about their pictures getting posted on the web. The site only will allow uploads with photos of people who are least 19 years old.