There's Some Hope For Windows 8 After All


microsoft surface pro

Steve Kovach, Business Insider

Microsoft is getting ready to launch a new version of its Windows 8 operating system, codenamed Windows Blue, this summer that will reportedly fix many gripes people have with the current version.


Microsoft's hardware partners are getting ready for the transition too. We've already seen some reports that smaller and cheaper Windows 8 tablets are on the way, including one from Acer that accidentally leaked on an Amazon page.

Acer's president also spoke to the WSJ about the company's preparations for Windows Blue, saying Microsoft is more open when working with its manufacturing partners and is now more open to suggestions.

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Acer is the same company that trashed Windows 8 in December, telling The New York Times that sales were off to a "slow start." Other manufacturing partners have had similar complaints about Windows 8.

Many have criticized Windows 8 for being too difficult to learn, especially since its default setting is to show you a tile-based menu of apps that's designed for touchscreen devices, not regular desktop PCs or laptops. You have to click over to another screen to view the classic desktop mode.


Early reports say Windows Blue will give users the option to power up their machines into the regular desktop mode, something Microsoft executives have also alluded to in recent days. We'll likely get a full rundown of Windows Blue at Microsoft's developers conference at the end of June.