These 10 tips are must before you plan overseas education

These 10 tips are must before you plan overseas education
The “YOU” Research

The basic understanding yourself and your reasons for choosing the USA as your education destination form the crux for all things to follow. A student must do his due research to the best of his abilities about the colleges he wants to go to and what he expects from going abroad. There is no room for doubts and hesitations later on so you must be absolutely sure about your decisions and intentions.

Profile Analysis

This is where you must delve deeper into your profile and thoroughly analyze your strengths, weakness, requirements, and limitations. This enables you to create a comprehensive plan that suits you perfectly. The profile analysis is an essential part of any college admission process. This is the part where a college gets to see you as a person and not just as a mark sheet. Get involved with Sports, Community Service, Co-scholastic activities, take up a research project, do an internship and more. Be unique. It is advisable to contact a guidance counselor for applying abroad.

Exams/Test Preparation

Clearing a specific set of examinations is a necessary part of admissions to any foreign University.IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GMAT and GRE are some of the major exams to look for. Do a comprehensive research on what exam(s) you would need to take for your intended course. If faced with any difficulties while preparing for them, visit a test prep center.

University Selections

Finding the “Best Fit” universities are often not very easy and with many admission requirements, the process of selecting the right colleges can be very tough. A student must do his due diligence on the kind of University and course he/she wants to attend. Always keep your financial limitations and future plans in consideration. Set up a dialog between yourself and the University office via emails to solve your various queries, but make sure to stay professional in your communication.

Branding Yourself

This is where you step out of the general norms and take an extra step forward to make your dream come true. Here you must focus on your individuality and mark out the qualities which separate you from everyone else. Your grades and marks must take a backseat while you try to form a unique and highly personalized strategy to brand your co-scholastic and honors. Understand the importance of a good first impression; it plays an integral part when colleges consider you for admission.

Write Compelling Essays

A College Essay is a medium for representing the unique story of each and every student to the admission officers. The ability to truly convey yourself to another is considered an essential asset for any good student to have. You must ensure that you give your best efforts to write a standout essay that highlights the best of your abilities and catches the eye of the admission officers. A pen is mightier than a sword after all. Consult a guidance counselor if you face any problems.

Recommendation Letters

Selecting the right recommender is a vital step in any application process. Talk to your trusted teachers and professors to give you an LOR that highlights your credentials not only as a student but also as a person. Good LORs from the most appropriate sources have the best positive impact on your application. Be strategic to choose the right recommender for yourself.

Submitting Perfect Applications

Quality should be your byword at this point of time. The final application that you submit should be pragmatic, positive and devoid of any errors whatsoever. A good application isn’t just based on what it carries but also what it shouldn’t carry. Weed out the non-essential components and help the admission officers’ focus on what is truly important:‘You’.

Acing the Interview

It is the final and the most imperative part of your admission process. You should be meticulously prepared for all such interviews. Read up on books regarding interviews and be calm, confident and uniquely yourself. Consult a guidance counselor as they teach you all the tips and tricks they have picked up throughout their career to ensure that your chances of succeeding are exponentially increased.

Applying for the visa

Now that you have your acceptance letter in your hand, you must apply for the visa. You should be ready with all the information you need regarding the process. If you feel that you might be burdened with too much work, consult the experts and start your journey to a brighter future.

​This article has been authored by Shirish Gupta, founder and director of Mnemonic Education and Overseas Admissions.