These 7 employees made over $2 million when Salesforce bought their company


Marc Benioff and Parker Harris


Salesforce cofounders Marc Benioff and Parker Harris

When companies get acquired, the terms of the deal are often not disclosed, leaving people like us wondering what the exact size of the deal was.


That was the case when Toopher, a four-year old enterprise security startup was acquired by Salesforce earlier this month. Neither company commented on the actual terms of the deal and Toopher shut down its service shortly after the deal was announced.

But according to Financial News, Salesforce has granted a total of 37,408 shares to Toopher's seven employees.

Based on today's Salesforce share value, that translates to roughly $2.5 million. Those shares vest over four years, with 25% vesting after the first year of acquisition, and the rest over the following 12 quarters.

Now, that doesn't give us the whole picture since the deal probably included some cash, and some additional shares that went to the investors. And considering Toopher raised $3 million in total VC money, it's fair to say its total acquisition price would have been probably higher than that. But the value of the shares they got at least gives us a peek into what Toopher's employees got as part of the deal.


Toopher offers two-factor authentication for the enterprise, and will be used to boost Salesforce's overall security for its users.

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